Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hand Quilting Inspiration

Every hand quilter has their own style of stitching. I have found it so helpful to watch other quilters' techniques when they are quilting. 
This is my friend Pat hand quilting a baby quilt. I was mesmerized by watching her. 

Pat uses the 1/4" quilting tape to mark her quilting lines across the embroidery blocks. 
She doesn't like to use a marker on white fabric "just in case" it doesn't come off. She is crosshatching the background of the block, but not stitching through the embroidery. I love it!
If you don't have any friends to watch quilt, you can watch some experts through the magic of the internet.
Here are some videos you might enjoy:
*Sarah Fielke - larger stitching with Perle cotton.
*Marianne Fons - I like her description of the difference between machine and hand quilting. 
*Thimble Lady - lots of commercials to watch but neat ideas...I might have to try one of these thimbles.
*Tim Latimer - Tim has a unique style of quilting with a thumb thimble on his left hand.

Photo by Squidoo a special treat to enjoy, Celebrate Hand Quilting blog had a fantastic blog hop last week - click here to start at day one. 
Now that you are inspired, don't just keep reading about the magic of hand quilting, go do it!
Today I will be continuing my relaxing "Journey of a Quilter" and I will be working on block #8 while thoughts of yesterday's quilt auction dance in my head.
Link up your hand stitching post below and share what you are working on this week.


antique quilter said...

thats how I hand quilt too! 1/4" tape, 1/2" tape what ever size I need to get the distant I want!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

the tape is a great idea...I've been hand quilting for over 25 years; it is relaxing.

Missy Shay said...

I love her quilt! I do not have any hand stitching to share this week, I really need to pull that quilt back out, I got discouraged because I have to seam rip some of it! LOL

Teresa in Music City said...

Thanks for the great links Kathy! Have a lovely, slow weekend my friend!!!

Cathy said...

Thanks for the links. Heaven knows I need all the help I can get!

Betty Lou said...

I love watching a seasoned hand quilter as she effortlessly moves across her quilt making the beautiful stitches. Thank you for the links, I'm going to check them out.

Janet O. said...

I like that tape, too. So handy!

Deanna W said...

Alas no handstitching for me today as I was driving back up north. I had a good and tiring few days in the south. It is too bad we missed out on FNSI. We will definitely plan for one in the VERY near future! Take care.
Northern Blog Stalker...

Deb A said...

Thanks for the links Kathy. If I get myself into the sewing room I should have a binding work/quilt to snuggle under later tonight ... assuming the temps go down. 91F when I left the grocery store at 5:30PM =).

Doniene said...

We can learn sooooo much when we look around!! Thanks for sharing, Kathy!