Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Design Wall Chilhowie

To finish this quilt top is my September goal, but it has been slow progress.

I posted some photos and layout options last week and received some interesting feedback and creative suggestions in the blog comments. I spent this week playing with different fabrics and border layouts.

I know some of you understand the process - make a change and ask myself "do I like it more or less than before"? Stare at it longer. Beg the quilt to tell you what to do. Be indecisive. Hate the quilt. Try something else. Be more indecisive. Walk away.

One of the ideas suggested was a light border instead of a dark red border. I tried it with the outside border both ways, with the points to the outside or the points to the inside light border, and I just didn't like it.

I wanted to like it, as it would be much easier because I have lots of the neutral fabric.

But I just didn't.

Then I found another Kaffe fabric in my stash and had enough of it to finish the border and it looked okay. It fit the bill in terms of this being a totally scrappy project made from stash. Decision made.

But then I saw the photos on the computer and decided that the light border actually looked better!

This indecisiveness is exactly the place where many projects start marching into the UFO closet, never to be seen again!

But not this one! I set a goal, and I'm finishing it!

Check in next week to see the final decision!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

very nice!!

Chantal said...

At this point, I think it is a question of what YOU prefer best because all your options are good. I like the picture 1 or 3. Picture one has a white picket fence guarding your blocks together. Picture 3 looks great with the last border pointing out. But that's just me. Whatever you decide it is an amazing quilt. Enjoy! ;^)

Gretchen Weaver said...

I liked the lighter border also. Will you have this quilted before the next mystery starts? Happy stitching!

Dotti in CT said...

You didn’t ask for comments,but, why do you have the side flying geese at the end of the block but not on the top. I think the plain red border of Kaffe suits it fine. Just my humble opinion

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

I completely understand going back and forth on what to do. I can not wait to see what you decide. Happy quilting, Kathy. Hugs.

Kate said...

I struggle with the borders too. It's so frustrating because you are almost there and then bam, you get stopped again. Looking forward to seeing what you decided.