Thursday, May 05, 2022

April UFO Becomes the May UFO

The first step in working on my April UFO was to get the top finished....which meant completing some borders and adding them to the quilt. 

The math was not fun, and the seam ripper was used way too many times to make this enjoyable.  A big mistake was made and I needed a break from this brain buster project. 

Long story made short - the Unity quilt did not get finished in April. This quilt is the largest I have made in a long time and here you can see 
half of it on the design wall. Maybe the flying geese blocks should go all the way to the edge? NO can do... the math doesn't work!

And so... my April UFO has now become the May UFO!

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MissPat said...

And that's perfectly okay. No one's going to sow up at your house and berate you for moving it on to May. Show yourself some grace, take a deep breath and quilt on.

Deb A said...

Goals need to slide sometimes. Enjoy the process, that is the key.

Mary said...

I'm still on part 2. I wirked on mine in April and didn't finish. Need to make about 20 more Flying Geese. Looking for my fabrics I stashed away for this Quilt-Along. The seam ripper is my friend.

Janet O. said...

Love the "How I see math word problems". That is perfect.
Whenever you get it finished, it is a great quilt.

Kirsten said...

Gorgeous variation on the Unity quilt. I love your words. I've been there with Math. Trying to figure out how to turn the corners on a different Bonnie Hunter quilt as I know my blocks didn't come close to the perfect measurements, which means the pieced border is going to be interesting to match up.

Angela said...

It is a gorgeous quilt! You will be so proud of yourself whenever you get it finished!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Math is my hardest part, too. Just when I think I have it all figured out (and graphed), my math goes haywire and I either need more blocks, or I've made way too many. Hopefully you'll get that one done this month.