Saturday, December 22, 2018

Friday and Saturday Shenanigans

Well we survived the l-o-n-g-e-s-t night of the year since yesterday was the winter solstice. 
I'm already tired of the darkness... 
getting up in the dark (being unable tell if is it daytime or still night), going to work in the grey, rainy weather, and driving home in the dark. There were 2 days in the last couple of weeks which were sunny and everyone went outside on their lunch breaks desperate to soak up some sunshine and feel better. 

The only sunny place is in the quilt studio, where last night was Friday Night Sew In. I made a little Christmas gift for my friends, a mug mat made from leftover HSTs from my Angel Solstice quilt, and a package of holiday napkins.

We hadn't been together for a few months and it was such a fun reunion. 
We had a few nibblies, lots of laughter, and a bit of sewing went on. Well, actually three of us (not mentioning any names) did not do any sewing! 
One was trying to repair a "new to her" toy sewing machine, one was fussy cutting fabrics for a block exchange, and one was trying to avoid sewing (WHY?!?!?!) and actually went to the MALL on a Friday night (to see the Salvation Army band play some Christmas music) and missed the first half of the sewing time!! EEEKKKKK! But then she fixed a problem for me and all was forgiven :)

Look at these custom made cloth bags that Barb's niece Erika created for us! Aren't they fabulous?!?

Drop by the blog tomorrow to see the some of the hand stitching projects that were worked on. I didn't do any hand sewing on Friday and spent most of the evening putting pieces of the Good Fortune mystery quilt through my sewing machine.  Although I made a few mistakes (more about that in Monday's post), a lot was accomplished. 

I even continued sewing late into the night after they all went home. I got all 5 rows sewn together for my Circle of Squares RSC quilt. I started this quilt in June 2016 (click here to read about it) and one of my December RSC goals is to finish this quilt top by the end of 2018. It's totally doable!
Hop over to the weekly linkup at Angela's to see the RSC projects that are being finished.


  1. and the further north you are the darker it is in the winter - yesterday I noted to hubby that at 5:15 PM it was still light outside by 5:30 it was dark - we are in Arkansas so it isn't too bad here - in the morning it is light by 7 or so -- I hope to get to the mystery quilt part 5 today and hand stitching tomorrow on others

  2. Your Friday night sew-in looks like so much fun. Maybe one day I will be in the neighbourhood to join in! Love those bags, Erica(Critter) does great work!!

  3. I'm not a fan of the long nights either - I always look forward to that point in January where you noticed the light staying longer! I'll be rooting you on to finish up your Circle of Squares quilt top this month!

  4. Lovely bags, and a Lovely group of sewing friends! Yesterday was the Longest Day here in New Zealand, quite different, and we celebrate Christmas in summer!

  5. The gifts are SEW sweet... both given and received! I'm glad you managed to get the rows sewn for your RSC quilt. Looking forward to the finish!!

  6. Your Friday night sounds so fun! I remember how dark it was up north in December... but did enjoy seeing he full bright moon tonight driving home. Now to settle in with some slow stitching for a bit tonight. Catch you tomorrow for the link up.

  7. Sounds like your place was the place to be on Friday night!
    I love the peek at your Burgoyne Surrounded, and your Circle of Squares is such a fun quilt!

  8. Looks like a lot of fun whether sewing was done or not.

  9. Finishing your quilt is a great goal for the new year. Completely achievable!