Tuesday, June 05, 2018


marked quilt

A friend of mine asked me to machine quilt a project for her. She wanted to put it in her guild quilt show but wasn't going to have time to finish it. 
So guess who agreed to help get it done?

walking foot quilting

My friend marked the design she wanted with a water soluble blue marker (on light fabrics) and some 1/4" tape (on dark fabrics). The tape was a pain to deal with. I had to clip out parts of it in order to stitch continuous lines, and it kept getting stuck to the walking foot.

free motion quilting

I much preferred quilting with the free motion foot and following the blue lines.
Look at how dirty my Machinger gloves are, just from dye transfer and dirt on the fabrics. I do love the increased grip that these gloves give when machine quilting.

This is the quilted project. It is the same pattern as my train quilt (click here and scroll down to see it). These quilts look so different you would never know they are made from the same pattern
Now my friend can put the binding on and the quilt will be finished in time for the Grand  Quilt Guild show in Fergus on June 8 and 9.


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Wow, I hope your gloves can be washed. That is a lot of dirt and dye.

Kate said...

That's an amazing amount of dye transfer to those gloves. Congrats on finishing your friends quilt, the quilting looks great.

Carol S. said...

What a beautiful quilt! It always amazes me how different the same quilt pattern can look in different fabrics. I use those gloves, too, and they always end up looking like that, but so worth using.

Mary said...

You are a good friend. Very different looking quilt compared to yours. You should hang yours with hers at the Quilt show.

Louise said...

My gloves look like that, too. I keep forgetting to toss them in the wash! Your friend's quilt is very nice, and it was kind of you to help her finish it. It's hard to see your quilting in the busy fabrics, but I know you do great work :)
louise dot hornor at gmail

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Nice of you to quilt your friends quilt for her. I'm playing catch up for 2 weeks of blog reading, so, all my comments will be here (especially since blogger isn't sending our comments to our email at the moment). Nice photo in the gazebo. Nice quilt, too. Clarissa turned out great.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

A job well done but amazing to see that dye transfer! Very nice of you to pitch in and help your friend especially since you have so many other projects going on !

I think that you must not sleep or are the most organized person in the world today! :)