Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Loving Neighbourhoods

Janet the Rogue Quilter is making a "Love Thy Neighbour" quilt, and it reminded me of the "Building Loving Neighbourhoods" block that I made last year. Back in March I donated this wonky house block to a collection organized by the Montreal Quilt Guild. They were making quilts to donate to the victims of the Quebec City shooting
They recently posted on their blog that they received contributions from 3 continents, 5 different countries, all 10 Canadian provinces and 25 states! That's an amazing response! 
From those donations they were able to make 50 quilts to donate to the mosque!! 
You can read more about the quilts here and see the photos of the finished quilts here.
This is the quilt that my block ended up being a part of.... see it there near the centre of the quilt?
It's amazing how many different blocks they received from around the world. I am so inspired by their efforts and hope the symbolism is not lost on the recipients of these wonderful gifts of quilted love.


  1. What the world needs now, is love, sweet love....

  2. Such beautiful house quilts for a great em all!

  3. that is great that they were able to make 50 quilts - I wish this violence all over the world would stop already I keep think another world war will start because of it and we do not need that

  4. It always touches my heart to see the good in people responding to the evil around us.

  5. What a wonderful project, all made with love and giving in mind!

  6. What a great response to their call for blocks!
    Your block looks great right there in the middle. Every town needs their "multiple family dwellings" zone, or "high density housing"--whatever you want to call it. :)