Friday, January 29, 2016

Circa 2016

Temecula Quilts has a new project this year called Circa 2016. I have made several wonderful projects with Temecula over the years, including Hugs and Kisses, Little Letter Quilt, Summer Stars, and Countdown to Christmas.

This project has 2 attractions for me:
1) it's a scrappy project (no new fabric purchases) and 
2) the blocks will be small and finish at 2.25" and 3". 
How can I resist this little gem?!?

These are my first 4 blocks. I really like them!

I love Fridays

New blocks will be posted on Fridays.
I'm hoping over there right now.

I love Fridays!


Lesley said...

Great little blocks! I have some of these fabrics so always nice to see how they can be used!

Turid said...

I love Temecula's projects. And your blocks are great.

Janet O. said...

Very cute blocks--and cute puppy.
I love pinwheels, and I recognize all of the fabrics. Are you sure you weren't using my scrap basket?

Jo said...

Cute, I wonder if you could use these to make a small sampler wallhanging. I would hate to quilt a full size quilt with blocks that small.

Rosa said...

Gorgeous blocks.
I`m playing along too with scraps and hope all the blocks match after sewm them,
Have a fun weekend.

scraphappy said...

Another new project! What fun. I will enjoy watching you start something while I keep trying to finish the old.

Kate said...

Using scraps is using stash, so you should definitely start this one.

Kimberly Smith said...

Oh, dear. Quilt along #123748209 for me! Thanks for sharing, I think. lol

Kaja said...

You are so good at these tiny blocks - I love them!

Stephie said...

These are so cute Kathy! You're giving me ideas though!!!