Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Votes For Women Wednesday

I am making slow progress on my Votes For Women blocks. 
I enjoy the new block challenge each week, and love to see how each quilter makes their block unique (visit the Flickr page to see the wide variety of blocks being made). I am a few blocks behind those being currently posted, but will catch up soon!
This week I worked on Block #20 Memory Wreath.
It was a simple block to make and I enjoyed searching in my reproduction fabrics to pick out pieces to use.
The story that was posted with this block about militant suffragettes was very interesting to read.
The next block is applique and I'm going to give it a go and see how I do! Wish me luck!


Deb A said...

Great job and good luck on the applique! Love the little touch of blue in the corners.

Janet O. said...

Nice choices on the fabric. Good luck on the applique! If it was me attempting it you would have to wish me a miracle. : )

Ellen said...

Good luck with the applique - I know you can do it!

antique quilter said...

great block , love that red ditsy print you used!

Kate said...

Very pretty!