Thursday, March 07, 2013

Deep thoughts for a wintery Thursday...

There are few things I enjoy as much as a leisurely morning, drinking coffee or tea, and surfing the internet. It's important to "create new neural pathways" and expand your horizons by thinking about new things. LOL!
So here is what my morning surfing has me thinking about this week...
On one of my Yahoo groups, there was conversation about the 'F' word quilt. If you are easily offended, don't even continue to read my post or click on the link to follow! But if not, you can see the 'F' quilt and read about it here. I personally dislike the quilt and really don't understand why someone would put so much creative energy toward such a project as this. 
It lead me to do more research on subversive text in quilts, Here is a definition of subversion:
"Subversion refers to an attempt to transform the established social order and its structures of power, authority, and hierarchy. Subversion refers to a process by which the values and principles of a system in place, are contradicted or reversed."

I also came across a really interesting article on the use of political messages in quilting (BTW... there are many interesting articles to read at the Quilt Index).
And here is a really interesting blog post I read about a quilter in Norway with some very meaningful quilted statements.

Here is my subversive text quilt... making visible the virtues that are increasingly part of a bygone era.

I thought it was a finished quilt, but when I hung it on the wall, it didn't hang straight.  Hmmm...
I decided that I will keep working on it until the waves settle down!
Right now I am sewing on purple buttons.
And then I'm planning to stitch some french knots and ....well, we shall see what happens after that! 


  1. Oh, how I love your is wonderful!! Just wonderful!!I clicked on the link to the "F " quilt and it shut down my computer...hmmm...

  2. Thanks for your post Kathy - it was nice to hear your thoughts on it. I've seen some of the comments too but I haven't gone over to see the quilt. I'm all for freedom of expression (with a few limits), but I have no desire to spend my time on such a quilt. I simply hope that the creator gained all that she needed to express in her quilt. Period.

    On the other hand, I could look at your quilt all day! It is just so fun and happy and encouraging! I can see your subverted smile clearly =^..^=

  3. I'm sure I don't need to click the link, but I do like your quilt. Those are the kind of words I would rather have before me. : )
    The buttons will be a nice touch.

  4. In order to comment I did look at the quilt and thought the same thing. Why waste the time and fabric on that.Of all the millions and millions of words you could have chosen...why that one.Your word quilt it sooo much more worth it and the embellishing too.Bygone era for sure. Keep up the great work of positve thinking!

  5. I got really upset at someone for posting a quilt on a community quilt board with a naked woman, I don't care about the fact she was not a beautiful naked woman or whatever, I did not think it was appropriate to have nudity in any form on a quilt. I base my standards on the Bible and what God's Word says. Why would someone think anything like that is okay, especially since I am trying to teach young girls how to quilt, I should not have to censor quilts, of all things, and have to worry about them seeing something inappropriate! But that is my opinion. If "you" would be embarrassed for Jesus to see it, than maybe "you" shouldn't make it. With that said, I love your quilt!

  6. Great blog post! I wish every one could see it as just a word! Would I waste my time on this? No! Do I care if others do? No! Freedom to express ourselves is precious, so is the right to turn away and not look. The link to the quilter in Norway was certainly worth my time to look. Thank you.

  7. I'd rather have your quilt any day! I saw the quilt you mention on some website, I can't remember where because I closed it so fast. It was offensive and a total waste of fabrics, time and photogaphing! You knwo I love the purple buttons.

  8. Great post, Kathy. Your virtues quilt is quite wonderful. I love the buttons! What a great design element. I saw the "F" quilt a while back, and although you won't find that quilt in my house, I realize every person is different, as is their "art". One of the best quilts I saw was a "4 letter word" quilt with words like: hope, love, care, etc. I wrote down a bunch of 4-letter words for a quilt of my I wonder where that paper is???