Saturday, March 02, 2013

February UFO Report and March Goal

Wow...that month just flew by!
I accomplished a lot in life, work and quilting, but did not even touch my UFO of the month! It's so funny because I made a post about my goal, thought about it a lot, and had it on the design wall most of the month, and then accomplished nothing! Harumphffff :(
You can pop over to the Lovely Year of Finishes to see the over 100 bloggers who managed to finish their project this month. 
And as for me...I'm blaming it on the fact that if this wasn't February, I would have had 3 more days, and I'd have it finished for sure!! LOL!!

However, I did finish 7 (yes, SEVEN!) quilts in this short month, which means that I hand stitched a whopping 1,071" in bindings! WOW!
*Charlie Brown's quilt 46" x 58" = 208"
*Heart Waves  57" x 57" - 264"
*Imagine 28" x 31" = 118" (hey...I didn't blog about this one yet!)
*Heart Mini 10" x 11.5" = 43"
*Abundance 12" x 12" = 48"
*Bricks and Stepping Stones 84" x 100" = 368" (ready for the quilt auction in May)

January's binding total was 444" plus February's total brings me to a grand total of 1,515" of binding stitched for 2013 so far. Not too shabby! 
Okay...this month I plan to finish my BeAttitudes for sure!


Kate said...

Wow, even if you didn't finish your planned quilt you still had an amazing month of finishes!

Missy Shay said...

I need that be patient wall hanging! LOL Wow is that a lot of bindings!

Janet O. said...

Such a cute garden block.
And I love the Bricks and Stepping Stones!

julieQ said...

You achieved that much binding? wow, go girl, go!! Love your Bee attitudes, of course!

Mary said...

The perfect Be Attitude for that. That's a lot of bindings. My favorite part of Quilting, besides designing.

Kindred Quilts said...

Wow, I'd say you accomplished a lot in the short month of February! And I'm with Janet... LOVE the Brick and Stepping Stones! Great colors!

Kris said...

Wow, Kathy!! You have been a very busy girl this month!! Gosh, I am lucky if I get my little Doll Quilt Swap quilt finished in a month!! And that is a LOT of binding!! You go girl!!

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh my gosh!!! Seven? You GO girl!!! If I ever finished seven quilts in one month I'd probably faint :*D

Béa said...

Wow Kathy, much better than me !!! Congrats.

Ellen said...

Wow, you were very productive and it was such a short month!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Wahoo! Great month and that is a LOT of binding to sew!! March will be full of hand binding for me too, I'm kind of looking forward to it after mostly machine bindings in February. Fantastic bricks and stepping stones!