Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hand Stitching

Happy Easter!
I hope your easter treat to yourself will be to enjoy some hand stitching time today...and maybe a few chocolate eggs too! I hope to be sewing on a quilt binding today! I really want to finish my March UFO today...wish me luck!

I enjoyed some hand sewing this week on my "Votes For Women" blocks, and was able to finish block # 21 called Parasols and P.R. 

It was a challenging block for me to applique, and it's a little odd looking, but it's DONE! Done is way better than perfect!

Then I started another block that I wanted to sew by hand...block #29 which is a seven point star block. I am hoping that the centre will fit together better than if I machine pieced it. There are also lots of "set in" seams on this block.

BTW...did you check out the hand stitching link ups last week?!? 
Debra and BillieBee introduced me to a new (to me) website called Echinops and Aster.  There is a stitch-along going on there and there is a wonderful list of hand stitching resources. If you missed it, you really need to check it out - click here.
Link up your blog post below and showing us what hand stitching you hope to treat yourself to on this Easter Sunday.


Deb A said...

Happy Easter! Your parasol block looks great. Your star is coming along good too. Maybe I can get mine attached to the backing tonight with my feet up.

Teresa in Music City said...

I was away last week and missed the link to Echinops & Aster - thanks for the head's up to go check it out. What a cute pillow project and lots of great tutorials!

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Happy Easter Kathy!

Sheila said...

Happy Easter, Kathy : )

Ellen said...

Your parasol looks pretty good to me and I think your star will look great too.

Happy Easter!

Patti said...

If you swirl your seams at the center of the star - most directions say to do this - the center will never come together well. Piece half, then the other half, fit them together and then sew the final seam in one long line, matching the center point. Press the final seam open. Since this star has 7 rather than 8 points the seam won't be straight - just clip it as needed so it will lay flat when you press it open.

You might be interested in checking my piecing and pressing tutorials. Find them on the left sidebar of my blog. I hope you find them helpful.

Barb said...

love your parasol!