Thursday, March 14, 2013

Good News Thursday

I enjoyed a little hand quilting with Bonnie Hunter on QuiltCam the other night. Bonnie has been having technical difficulties with the server, which she has been working on solving, so the sound and video were periodic. But it was still fun to be quilting "with" Bonnie (whom my kids refer to as my "pretend friend"!! LOL). 
I also tried out a very special thimble that I bought that has a cute little bird on it. 

It quilts nice stitches, but I am hesitant to use it much because I love it and don't want to wear it out! 
Judy over at Patchwork Times is having a linky party for sharing good news. 
Handmade by Heidi

My good news is that I am making time to sew and have "Friday Night Sew-In" (although I don't know if Heidi is having a sign up anymore) so I will be stitching Friday night AND I got into a guild class to sew a mystery quilt on Saturday. So that is a lot of fun sewing ahead for me to help get through to the end of this week! Hop over to Good News Thursday for more good news.


  1. My son used to have imaginary mice friends when he was young (after watching Cinderella way too many times), and he thinks my blog friends are my imaginary friends. : )
    That is a very pretty little thimble, but it appears way too small for my fingertip. I would have to leave it on display.

  2. Pretend friends huh???? Funny kids. :) My brother had a freind-BobJim. We still laugh about him. BobJim used to get us in so much trouble!
    Your thimble is so cute!
    Looks like you have a great weekend planned.

  3. I have a green thimble like yours! They definitely fit the fingers better than the cheap new ones, don't they?

  4. My DH makes fun of my Facebook Friends. I'll take all the Quilt-y friends I can get. I'm happy to count you as one of them. It's even more fun when we get to meet our Blogg-y friends. :) Janet O is as nice in person as she is on her BLOG. I'll be watching Bonnie on Quilt Cam Friday night with you and Stitching the day away on Saturday in my Quilt Zone!

  5. Very cute thimble..should have bought two!
    I think I will be quilting/sewing by myself this friday. Maybe I will have a glass of wine and pretend I am at friday night sew in with you gals!!
    Hey Bonnie is my pretend friend too what a coincidence! haha
    Have a great week!
    Northern Blog Stalker

  6. Sew funny. Kids of every age say the funniest things.

  7. It is good to have Pretend friends. I love it when I can sew with her on Quilt cam. It feels I little like doing a quilt retreat.

  8. Love seeing your sweet!

  9. I'm laughing about your pretend friend. I wish I had written down the funny things my kids said that I thought I'd remember forever (thank goodness my Mom and sister have better memories than me!) Happy stitching...

  10. I too watch Bonnie and I know what you mean. And a heads up on Heidi, she is still doing sign up but FNSI is not till the 22. I too thought it was this Friday.
    Love the thimble

  11. I don't quilt with a thimble, but I like to collect them now and then - that's a very pretty and collectible one!

  12. Love your thimble, it's very elegant. Enjoy your Friday Night Stitching! I'm hoping for an all day Sunday stitch in.

  13. Enjoy your stitching tonight and wow - a quilt class too! Lucky you!
    Yes, I have lots of 'pretend' friends too! Now the kids... they each have a pretend Timmy and boy do Emmy's pretend friends put on a nice show for me each day before we go to pick up her brother at school. She uses my quilt blocks as seats on the living room floor - and we must clap for each of their performances. Then she escorts them on and off stage. Too funny.