Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Votes For Women - Blocks #9 and #10

I have sewn a couple more blocks for my Votes for Women project.

This is block #9 "Brick Pavement". It was a unique block design which was fun to sew and turned out really well.

This is block #10 "New York".
A quick and easy block to make.

Here is the summary of my block adventure so far...
Blocks 1, 2, and 3 - Done
Block 4 - couldn't print templates
Blocks 5, 6 and 7 - Done
Block 8 - the same pattern as block 2 (don't need two of them!)
Blocks 9 and 10 - Done

Here are my blocks so far...

Total = 7 pieced blocks, 2 not done, and 1 applique block (not done well and destined for the backing!)
It has been inspiring to read about the US election this past week, and the influence of the women voters on the outcome, while at the same time reading the history lessons Barbara has posted on her Grandmother's Choice blog about women who risked imprisonment in order to vote. Maybe the women voters were reading Barbara's blog and recognized the importance of their right to vote?!? 
For more inspiration, hop over to Karen's Sew Primitive Quilter blog and see how she is incorporating text and photo transfer into her amazing blocks... so creative!


  1. For printing - I had to save it to my computer as a PDF and then could print it off from that successfully. Your blocks look great!

  2. Thanks for sharing your blocks - they're lookin' good! Ditto what Deb said, the PDF site Barbara Brackman uses is not real intuitive. I had to save a copy of the PDF to my computer and then print it. I have yet to begin that Sunflower block! Also, thanks for the pointer to Karen's Sew Primitive. I had not seen her interpretation of the blocks and I love phototransfer.

  3. My favorite of your blocks is the Brick Pavement block.

  4. They are all looking good. Templates that won't print would be a good reason not to make those blocks in my mind (I really don't enjoy working with paper templates). : )

  5. Your blocks are looking fantastic keep it up.

  6. Love your blocks so far, especially the cheddar/ green.

  7. Kathy, I love your blocks! I'll be doing this quilt vicariously through your blog. (Self-discipline since I've not finished the first BB quilt)