Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Treadling on Tuesday

I am having a grand time with my Treadle this week. I watched a Youtube video on how to clean and oil a Treadle
I only watched about the first 5 minutes because that is as many steps as I could handle at a time. I plan to go back and watch/do the rest another day. I like this photo because it shows Miss Molly supervising in the background and it looks like she is saying "I wouldn't do that if I were you!"
How many tools does it take to open the side of a Treadle sewing machine? 
More than this apparently! 
I couldn't get the side panel off. 
Do I need different tools or a stronger person?!?

When oiling the parts under the machine, I found a lot of thread wrapped around the... um, around the "whatchamacallit" (that's the technical term!)
I removed all the snarled thread with some tweezers.
I put oil into all the little holes, and on all the moving parts.  Miraculously I got the machine put back together (with no pieces leftover!) and the belt back in place. 
Then I tried to sew/treadle. 
The machine developed terrible tension and I was starting to regret my decision to take the hand wheel off in the cleaning process, 
but then I saw this...
the thread had jumped out of the tension disk. 

Easy peasy problem to fix (phew!) and I was back in business with perfect tension again.  I enjoyed some relaxing crumb sewing from my scrap box. I put a towel underneath the machine to catch any oil drips. Then once I got going and the oil got worked in,  I didn't need the towel anymore.
My daughter took these cool photos of me treadling. It works best for me if my right foot is forward to the front of the treadle, and my left foot is at the back. So fun!
It is inexplicable and completely illogical why I love this so much!


Pokey said...

Wow, there is pride in just the accomplishment of getting it to work! Good for your perseverance ~

Sally Ann said...

Congrats Kathy for sticking to it! I look forward to treadling on my machine very soon! Enjoy!!

Linda said...

This makes me want to fix up one of my two treadle machines. Maybe I'll find the time this coming year. It would be great to have in case we had the power go out some time, right? I have heard my grandmother talk about how relaxing the rhythm of treadling can be.

Fran said...

I'm so happy for you to have found this beautiful machine and be able to sew on it! Not only are you sewing, you are exercising your legs at the same time. Hurrah for you!!

Missie of Traditional Primitives said...

Very cool! Do you use it often to make quilts?

Teresa in Music City said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying your treadle sewing! And thanks for sharing your adventures - they encourage me to get busy getting mine up and running! If I can ever find the time, it's very high on my list of things I want to do :*)

Janet O. said...

I love the technical jargon you learned in your cleaning adventure! *LOL*
And I am so impressed that you didn't have parts left after reassembling. Good job.
I would love a treadle. I think it takes sewing back to an organic level, but with the excitement an early owner of the machine would have had at being able to get so much more accomplished than they could by hand. Maybe that makes no sense. : )

antique quilter said...

wow looks like fun , a great way to give those leg muscles a workout!
Glad your having fun with it

Michelle said...

I'm going to bookmark that video -- sometime soon I want to tackle my own treadle.

Angie said...

So glad to hear you're a happy treadler!

Kate said...

It's so amazing that those machines still work. Glad that you've resurrected a piece of history.

Wonky Girl said...

Great to know there are YouTube videos on how to do this. Thanks for that tip. (I have a treadle to clean up). So glad there are still people out there that care about old machines. I learned to sew on my moms treadle. She was a vintage machine lover too.

AnnieO said...

Using antiques gives them life again--and brings a smile to your face. Enjoy!

Helen in the UK said...

Huge congrats to you on getting this cleaned, oiled and reassmbled on your own! Enjoy :)

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Good job Kathy!! And, I know exactly where you found that thread LOL....treadling is so much fun! I treadle with one foot usually :-).


Mary E.Dadds said...

I love a treadle wheel machine also.Its so neat to have a machine of anytype that runs with out electricity.
I have a spinning wheel and I love the fact it doesnt need the electric.
I have my grandmother s treadle sewing machine,but it is soooo old,I dont dare sew on it.You have made me hungry to get one that I can use.Sew neat to sew quilt pieces with.

Angie in SoCal said...

Mine is a 1904 - very similar. Congrats on finding yours.