Friday, November 30, 2012

November UFO Report

There hasn't been a UFO report on my blog for a long time. I was doing such a good job for the first half of the year, working each month to complete a quilt on my UFO list (see list on right sidebar of my blog). Seven quilts were finished! But then I started another job and quilting time has been reduced to mostly during the night when I can't sleep :(
So, I didn't even look at UFO # 9, which was the project for November. It makes me feel a little sad, because I love that quilt, and I can't even believe that November is over and that poor quilt didn't even make it out of the closet!
And now it's time to look ahead to December, and quilt #4 is the UFO of the month. This is a flannel quilt that I started to use up scraps. The center snowball blocks were from a friend's retreat quilt which she threw in the garbage and I "rescued"! Yep... self confessed dumpster diving quilter here! (PS I'm trying to get over that problem now!) 
And it has leftovers from a quilt I made for my daughter's 3rd grade teacher. She is finishing her science degree at university this year, so that tells you how old some of this fabric is! Time to get it into a quilt! 
I hope that I will have time this month, in between making some Christmas presents, to make some progress on this quilt.
To see some finished UFO's from this month, hop over to Patchwork Times
And step #2 has been posted for the Easy Street Mystery, so I am also hoping to sew some purple flying geese this weekend.


Ellen said...

Work ALWAYS gets in the way of having fun - doesn't it!! I am very impressed with the number of quilts that you finished this year. I do hope that you manage to find some quality quilty time to work on the flannel quilt and that you get some sleep too! It is perfect timing to work on a warm and snuggly flannel quilt!

Karen said...

Oh, the snowball piece you are working on got my attention. Love it!

cajunquilter said...

I rescued a friends UFO the beginning of November. Don't know when I will work on it, maybe next year. It is pretty far along and won't take to much work to finish it. I hope to finish up a few projects next year. Right now just concentrating on this one so I can gift it to a friend.

julieQ said...

Love this UFO!! Scrappy and fun for December!!

Janet O. said...

I think rescuing this piece was a wise choice. It looks great and I would hate to think of it living out its life in a landfill!
You may notice that I don't post a UFO list on my blog. Nothing would ever get marked "DONE". : )

Anonymous said...

nice rescue

Dar said...

Your snowball quilt looks so warm and cuddly. I'm a dumpster diver too at retreats! Nothing to be ashamed of either! Hope you get to your weekend sewing of Easy Street. I'm behind on that too. Will have to do both step 1 and 2 this weekend to try and catch up. Good luck to us both!