Friday, November 02, 2012

End of the week

What a crazy busy week! I have over 1,000 emails in my inbox and over 200 of them haven't even been read yet.
I didn't finish much this month - my UFO was not even thought about, no Quilt Square Quilt Along block, no Votes for Women block, no free motion quilting sample - nada!
And my Mountain Trail quilt that I posted on Tuesday, shows just how topsy turvy the week has been. Thanks to the blog readers who let me know that I screwed up  made a creative version of the layout and have the bottom two blocks on the right side turned the wrong a different way. Check it out here. So today I plan to unstitch the border in the bottom corner, rip out those two blocks and try to put them back together in the way I had intended. We'll see how that goes!
And if ever it stops raining here, Miss Molly and I will be doing lots of leaf raking this weekend. Well, I do the raking and she does the supervising.


liz said...

Don't rip it out! It looks like it's original not a copy of someone else's We try too hard to be "prefect" in our quilt making embrace your mistake!

Linda said...

I feel like I've had a crazy 6 months! I can't believe we're so close to the holiday season already. In my mind, last month was May or June!
Your Mountain Trail quilt is beautiful! At least your upside down blocks are not in the center of the quilt!! (I've done that!)

Deb A said...

I didn't even notice they were wrong! Good luck with the ripping out... although it does make it a very unique quilt.

Anonymous said...

OOPSYYYY!!! I know the feeling. I am having one of those weeks at the sewing machine too. Sew and rip!!! yikes!!
Be glad you are still raking, our ground is covered with snow this morning.But it looks very pretty.That's what happens in NORTHERN ontario in november!!!haha
Your Norther Ontario Blog Stalker!!
P.S.Your are welcome to visit anytime!!

Janet O. said...

I had not even noticed that you had blocks turned in different directions (notice I didn't say "wrong").
I was thinking I was going to need to rake leaves last week, but realized that between the wind and the lawnmower they were pretty well gone. Good thing, too, because I don't have a supervisor to see that the job is done well! : )

Quiltsmiles said...

I'm sorry I was the one to point it out to you, but I thought you'd rather know sooner that later, Sadly of course, I know all about this from personal experience. But mine goofs weren't noticed until it was quilted and bound so that was a B**tch of a time getting it put back together correctly. It was my Woven star Table runner and if I remember correctly there were 4 areas that needed correcting, opps I meen revising, oh crap, yep! where I messed it up! Anyways it got fixed but not without a lot of very creative words. Jane

PS: I love your Elphaba block, I may have to try that after I get my current WIP finished off. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Kathy -

I was wondering if there is a pattern somewhere for the lovely quilt you've gor as your header?


scraphappy said...

Some weeks are just good to be done with. Hope the next one is more relaxing for you.