Saturday, November 03, 2012

Brown Knot block pieces

I am the luckiest quilter ever! I wrote about not being able to make a brown Knot block for my Scrappy Rainbow Challenge because I didn't have enough variety in my brown here to read about it.

And just look what came in the mail this week! Two wonderful blog readers sent me some brown scraps to sew! Thanks so much to Janet and Deanna! 
No excuses now...I have to get sewing my Knot block! And the next colour is "black to grey" range so that will be fun (or is it gray?)
To see what the other Rainbow Scrap Quilters are working on this week, hop over to SoScrappy.


scraphappy said...

Sew glad you will be able to make a brown block after all. Sending scraps to other quilters sounds like a great way to clear them out! Glad you will put them to good use.

Sheila said...

That was so nice. Quilters are the nicest people.
I made some blocks using black, white and gray fabrics. I may make some with just black and white fabrics, also. Hope I can get some ideas from others doing this rainbow challenge.
I just wrote my 200th post. Hope you will come by for a visit :)

Cathy said...

Yep, bloggers are the best. I love how generous they all are. And it's another one of those American vs Canadian spelling things.... gray is American, grey is Canadian.

Char said...

Quilters really are the best! Love that quilt in your header.

Janet O. said...

You will certainly have no lack of browns to make that knot block now! : )

Mary said...

Janet O is always willing to share. Just like the old Quilting Bees when they traded their scraps. Glad you get to make your Brown Knot Block now.

Anonymous said...

Browns aren't yucky...if you think of them as pieces of chocolate!!! All quilters love chocolate!!!

Waiting to see your brown knot block!

Northern Blog Stalker

Cathy Tomm said...

Oh how sweet of the ladies to send you fabric. How are you doing with the greys and blacks?

Kate said...

Looks like little pieces of chocolate. Looking forward to seeing your brown Knot blocks.