Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday on Easy Street

Anyone who reads my blog, knows how much I love mystery quilts. I may think (briefly) that I really should not start another quilt, but I know that I will! And if it's a Bonnie Hunter mystery, I don't even play that game with myself....
I know I'll be doing it! 
Here are some of my previous Bonnie mysteries:
Carolina Crossroads, Double Delight, Orange Crush, and Orca Bay. Of these quilts, only Orca Bay is not quilted yet.
I like to use up stash fabric as much as possible, and I could not believe that I had a chunk of the same old grey fabric in my stash as Bonnie is using in her project!  Bonnie said she has had it in her stash since the 90's and I probably have too. I don't have enough of the grey, so I'll add in some of the fabric with the leaves on.

After the mystery was announced, I was in a little town that still has a Stedman's department store - do you remember those? I found these fabrics in Stedman's to add in but sadly I think I'll have to leave the pink and yellow out!

Here are the other fabrics I have pulled from the stash which may or may not make it into my mystery quilt:



I am off to start sewing a million 192 4-patch blocks for step #1.  
The colour of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is grey, so I'll link up to the RSC post to show them what I'm making with my VERY old grey fabric! 


  1. I have never been to a Steadman's. Nice to use up your stash. Mine isn't sorted by color like Bonnie's so I'm still selecting fabrics. Good luck to keeping up with the mystery this year, it's my wish for myself too.

  2. Great fabric choices! I'm looking forward to digging into Easy Street as soon as I am home on Monday :*)

  3. You sound just like me. Why am I starting another project?!? Because it's a Bonnie Mystery! LOL You'll have your 4 patches done in no time!
    Aren't the color cards a great idea!

    Miss Molly looks adorable in the header photo.

  4. lol It certainly felt like a million twosies yesterday when I was cutting and them! The colours you have chosen are really lovely. Part of the fun is sorting through our fabrics to find which ones to include. I'm making mine all from my stash, too.

  5. We are all spell bound by a Bonnie mystery and can not say NO! If she started a new one every month, we would start every single one of them, I know we would!

  6. As much as we all pretend we don't want to start a new quilt, it is just too fun to pull lots of fun fabrics and sew along with hundreds of other people. Great collection of fabrics. Can't wait to see it all come together.

  7. I love your colors and your fabrics, you can't go wrong when you play along with Bonnie's colors. I'm a rebel again, last time I went a little wild, this time not so much. It is hard not to do a Bonnie mystery. I only missed two, Tobacco Road and Double Delight and they are still on my list of to do's. Glad we are all in it together, it makes it so much fun.

  8. did you look at my blog? I can't decide what colors to use? I don't have grey, so I was playing around with colors.

  9. Beautiful choices for your color palette for the mystery quilt. I'm still trying to decide if I'm playing or not this time.

  10. Good to see you are doing the mystery. I am too. Just getting started. Love the fabrics you have picked out. I am using Bonnie's colours too as I love these colours. Off to sew my grey and white with black prints.

  11. Fun to look back on all of your "Bonnie" quilts. Love them all (I like orange).
    Looks like you are all set to go for Easy Street.
    I am starting to formulate in my mind the colors I think I might use for Easy Street, but since I won't start until the holidays are over, I have plenty of time to decide. : )

  12. Whoot whoot, it is going to be fun!