Thursday, November 08, 2012


Have you seen the Swoon quilt design by Camille Roskelley around blog land?
There was a Swoon Along at the beginning of the year, which I would have enjoyed participating in, but at the time I was really on a roll with finishing some UFO's, and I was able to resist starting a new quilt. There is even a Flickr group for Swooners - you can see the amazing blocks and quilts here
Because I really like the effect of this block design where each version looks so different depending on the fabrics used and placement of the lights and darks, I eventually did purchase the pattern (at Quilter's 9 Patch) and started collecting fabrics for my own version of Swoon. 
Then I saw Gail's recently finished Swoon and Darlene's Aster Manor Swoon and I just had to get going and sew up a block of my own. 
I decided to make each block from three different fabrics: white with black design background, and two prints... one primarily black and one yellow. Then I discovered that either I made a cutting error, or you can't get all the background pieces from 1 fat quarter. So I stuck in some similar white starry fabrics to finish up the block and I think it looks okay.
These blocks are HUGE at 24"!! 
And the pieces are really large for me. I felt like Alice in Wonderland where my hands were too small and the pieces were too big. I prefer to spend most of my quilting time sewing tiny blocks - like my new favorite Alamo Star, which is 2.25" and has 17 pieces.
Just for fun and for a better sense of proportion, I put one of my little Alamo Star blocks in the center of my Swoon block.
That makes me smile!
It's back to sewing more Alamo Star blocks for me!


Missie of Traditional Primitives said...

What a pretty block! Love your sunflower like fabrics in these two! I had to really look for the different background prints so you did good finding a good match. Those big blocks add up fast and you will enjoy making a bigger quilt faster I bet. Thanks for sharing!

Kindred Quilts said...

Thanks for sharing the 24" Swoon block with the tiny Alamo Star block in it's center. Talk about extremes!

Darlene said...

Pretty, pretty Swoon blocks - love the tiny Alamo Star in the center.

Yes, the Swoon blocks are huge. I felt that I'd made 9 small quilts when I finished my Swoon quilt. LOL

Janet O. said...

I've seen a few swoon blocks around--didn't realize they were so big! But it is a very pretty block.
I do love that tiny Alamo block, though. Can't wait to see what your finished Alamo projects looks like.

Deb A said...

So pretty! I think sunny sunflowers when I saw it. I didn't pick up on the different background fabrics either. Big contrast between the sizes of those blocks. I'll bet they did seem huge to work with.

*karendianne. said...

Kathy, I totally love the little Alamo Star. I dig your "happy quilter" self. :)

julieQ said...

I too have been thinking of swoon blocks!! Love yours!

AnnieO said...

Pretty! I like big blocks--they make a bed sized quilt a lot faster than 4" blocks, and practically light speed compared to 2.25" blocks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy: I'm working on Swoon now Also. I love the black and yellow fabric in yours. Lisa

Kate said...

Beautiful Swoon block. I've seen those around various blogs as well and think they are gorgeous. I might have to join you in making a few of those. First I have to find the pattern!

Teresa in Music City said...

Love the Swoon pattern but I have managed to resist so far too :*) It's probably going to happen someday but I'm saying no for now. I really like your idea of using 3 fabrics in the black/white/yellow range. It's going to be gorgeous! And I know what you mean about the big pieces! The Curve It Up QAL makes huge blocks too and it just seems awkward. But it makes a big statement too! I think the Modern movement likes to make big blocks so they can get done more quickly :*)

libbyquilter said...

what beautiful fabric choices for the swoon blocks~!

love your tiny alamo star too~!