Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day celebrations are in full swing across the country! Many people are excited about the Queen being in Canada to celebrate with us this year  - you can read about it here. It would be a day long drive for me to go and celebrate with the Queen, so I'll just stay home and have my own party.
My garden is all decorated for the festivities!

I have lots of strawberries and Canada Day ice cream (that's supposed to be a maple leaf in the middle of the ice cream!).
Of course we had a fabulous parade! It was a gorgeous day for a parade...sunny, but not too hot. And this parade was not like the parades of my younger years, which consisted of a lot of old cars and tractors! This was my favorite float this year.
And it's not every day you see this kind of a spectacle! Only in Canada, you say???!!
And this is my Mother's favorite marching band...I think it's the old guys wearing the shorts that she likes, but they play great music too!
As for me, I'll be sure to celebrate the holiday with a little bit of machine quilting!


  1. Awesome! Have a wonderful day, dear Kathy!!

  2. That is the ScoutHouse band, My Brother-in-law is the drummer on the far left
    They are excellent!
    Happy Canada Day!!!

  3. oh......and by the way.
    Those shorts look pretty funny on them while they march through the snow at the Santa Claus Parades

  4. Happy Canada Day to you and yours, Kathy.

  5. Happy Canada Day to you too!

  6. Happy Canada Day to my neighbor just (an hour) north!

  7. Happy Canada Day to you and your family.
    Love the blow up beaver

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  8. The Queen is going to be in Waterloo on monday morning. She is visiting at RIM. We are planning to stake out the Waterloo airport in Breslau. Perhaps she will even drive right through Conestogo on her way to RIM>