Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Garden Talk

Not much quilting going on's all about the garden these days.

The Rose of Sharon bushes are blooming and they are my favorite! I want to make a Rose of Sharon quilt...I think I started to do this once...I wonder where it went?!?! I'll look for it and let you know!

The tomatoes are going crazy and trying to take over the entire garden. They are being trimmed and cut back almost every day.

Same problem with the zucchini...they could take over the earth!
If you have a good zucchini recipe, please email it to me...I am running out of ideas of what to do with these things.

And hanging in the middle of my cedar hedge is this white thing...any ideas as to what it is??? It seems to be connected to the zucchini...perhaps some kind of mutant?!?


Carrie P. said...

Hi Kathy,
thanks for stopping by the SM blog and leaving a comment.
Garden can go pretty crazy. If you go to Here:
You can get a recipe for zucchini poppers. Very good.
I think that white thing might be an eggplant. Maybe try eggplant parmesan.

Diane said...

nice garden pictures. I have a couple of Rose of Sharon's too, they always do well.
no idea about the albino zuchinni

Thelma said...

Not much sewing going on here either, but I do love the garden pictures....not sure what that white zucchini is all about, is it green on the inside I wonder? Keep us posted, maybe it will change colors.....

Unknown said...

being a great lover of garden art, I enjoyed going through your blog.

Margeeth said...

I looked up some pictures of an eggplant and I do not think your white thing is an eggplant, the way it is connected to its stem is different (eggplants have leaves at the top). I guess it is just a white zucchine, they do exist.