Sunday, July 18, 2010

Organized Chaos

I was bragging to Darlene this week about my leaders/enders system ( a la Bonnie Hunter) and thought it was time for me to fess up.  I really want to be organized when I grow up, but it is a daily struggle. I always have the best intentions and try really hard, so I get an A+ for effort!! But yesterday illustrates that I get D- for achievement!!
Here is a photo of some of the remaining pieces of my Cherrywood fabric that I cut and organized into block groupings and then put into a baggie. I keep the baggie beside my sewing machine and in between other things I am sewing I put a couple of squares through.
Yesterday I wanted to work on this floral pinwheel project (click here to see some of's the floral panel on the bottom of the design wall). I found the project box and look what I found inside...a  renegade little 2" block that had been AWOL for 2 months! I was sure that I had finished piecing all those blocks and I was hoping it would turn up... and it did!

Now that the lost was found (yippee!)  I looked around for the crossed canoe project box and started working on that quilt, leaving the floral pinwheels untouched! I made lots of progress on the canoes, and in between piecing these blocks,  I was putting through my leaders and enders blocks.
And then I discovered that the rest of the pieces for this block are (you guessed it)
... AWOL!  I searched around the sewing table, the ironing board, and my clothing (sometimes squares and blocks stick to your clothes and the grocery clerk laughs at you...that has happened to you, right?!?) but the remaining pieces were gone! I don't have enough of this Cherrywood fabric to cut more pieces, so if I can't find them, I can't use this block. I am positive that I cut out the exact number of squares I needed, so they are "somewhere"....but where? Again, I waste more time searching....I check all the project boxes that are on the table and vow never to open more than 1 or 2 at a time, but no luck.  So I put all these projects away, went back to the floral one I started the day with, and got out my new leaders and enders project, which still has all the pieces I need!! Are you understanding my problem!?!
Maybe I could try be a normal person and work on ONE quilt at a time?
Not likely!!
Maybe I need an executive assistant to help me to be organized!! Just think of how many quilts I could finish with the time I would save not looking for things!!


  1. OMG!! Were you watching me? I am right there with you. I so want to be organized, only work on 1 project but I don't/can't. My daughter calls me Dory from Finding Nemo--I see something shiny and off I go! My shiny things are all the fabulous new quilts I see and want one like it. Like your crossed canoes...I want one like that! Good luck my friend. :)

  2. Don't fret yet, they will turn up (I hope sooner than later though...) In the mean time, just keep plugging away with the organization - it will come together sooner than you think!

  3. Oh, Kathy. That is too funny, but I'm not laughing. I do this all the time. Have faith. Eventually, that piece will turn up. :)

  4. LOL - sometimes it's easier to work in organized chaos. I'm thinking about a leader and ender project but it has to be very, very simple - baby steps. LOL

  5. "One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries." - a.a. milne

    Just sayin'


  6. Normal people work on one project at a time? Oh, my, and all this time I thought I was normal. lol

  7. I think we should form a support group...Hi... My name is Gail and I am a quiltaholic....I have ### UFO's...You could be our fearless leader...

  8. Normal people may work on one project at a time, but a normal quilters? Nobody does that-- really -- I'm almost sure of it. The missing blocks will turn up eventually, by then you won't be able to remember what they were for. It seems to work that way all the time. Until they reappear, it looks like there is plenty to keep you busy.

  9. Oh my word, no wonder you're getting things in a muddle with so many projects on the go!! I'm a naturally organised person, but that many different projects would get me in a fluster!!! Hope you find your missing pieces soon :)

  10. oh frustrating! I don't think I can work on one thing at a time. I've been toying with the idea of making that my major goal for 2011...usually when I look around at all my on going projects as I'm sewing more block-a-days, which is this year's major goal....
    I sure hope your missing fabric piece turns up.