Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family Camping

No quilting has been going on here. None. I am in withdrawal!
We just came home from the annual camping trip with my entire family - my parents, my siblings and their partners, and all the children. The kids enjoyed lots of fun in the sun, swimming, playing soccer on the beach, climbing on the rocks on the pier,  sunsets, card games with cousins, singing and telling stories around a campfire. The weather was fabulous and everyone had a great time!
However,  these kids seem to eat around the clock!  Preparing food that is nutritious and edible, cooking on a 2 burner camp stove, hauling water, and taking up to a 1/2 hour just to make a cup of coffee, is a lot of work!  All the adults take turns and we work well together, but I must admit that I am exhausted! Other years I have been able to do some hand stitching, and although I took it with me, I didn't even open the bag.
Here are the kids...
most of them are teenagers now and they like to play hard, talk nonstop, stay up late, sleep in late and eat constantly. But there was lots of love and laughter, and lifelong memories created and that makes it all worthwhile!
Tomorrow...back to quilting. I can't wait!


orchidlover said...

I love the photos and just think of the memories those kids will have of family trios. Almost worth not doing any sewing

Love and hugs Gina xxx

scraphappy said...

Wow, a Saturday without a sampler block. Will you have to do two next week? Looks like you were having far to much fun to think of it.

Diane said...

Vacations are a lot of work!!and camping ones even more so. :)
The memories made are worth it.

When we were at the beach there was a young couple with two very small girls-maybe 4 and 2. About 1/2 way through the week the mom said "I think we're going to need a vacation from our vacation!"

Judy said...

This makes me miss our camping days with our good friends and all the kids. That picture of the kids is a treasure!

Ivani said...

You all have good time and enjoyed the camping activities. I am sure you will miss this time someday. Love the pictures specially the sunset one. Hugs - Ivani in Brazil