Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Sampler #27

Did you miss the Saturday Sampler block last week?!?  Only 1 eagle eye blog reader asked me about can't put anything over on her!!!   Besides being away camping and not having internet access, I find I am losing interest in this project of mine, so I have decided to finish it at 30 blocks. But not to worry...I have another great idea to fill in my Saturday blog entries (stay tuned to find out my new project).
Here is block #27....
Block Name: Scrappy Diamonds
Block Pattern Source: my scrap bag!
I had intended to make the Block Party "Storm At Sea" block but could not get the foundation papers to print out to the correct size no matter what I did. While I was fussing around with that, I realized I had many leftover bits and pieces from previous blocks in the project box. So I pulled out all those pieces and spread them around on the table...some flying geese from blocks from when I had miscalculated and made too many, and lots of baby half square triangles.
I played with the pieces until they started to make themselves into a block for my sampler. Here is a process shot...trying to fit the pieces together in a coherent way, and deciding to put a "square in a square" block (pattern left over from block #24) right in the centre. This was such a fun process (feels the same as meditation to me) and used up a lot of little scrap pieces.
Now I have to find 3 more blocks to finish up my project. I tried to print out this block to make ...I liked the design and the name of the block, but again I couldn't get it to print out to a 12" block. I don't know if it's my printer settings, but I haven't had any trouble with Carol Doak's blocks printing out the correct size!? I might try to draft that block on freezer paper for next week.


Tracy said...

Heya, Kathy -
I ran into a similar event with the Florida Star pattern on Marcia's site. I had to print Template A at 103% and Template B at 101%.

It took a lot of trial and error - AFTER I finally realized I had to measure the pattern rather than the 1" block...

I'm sure that the graphic was correct when it was uploaded, but our printers, our internet programs, the gremlins that live amongst the dust bunnies with all the cords and cables... Any combination of those might affect the outcome of the printed page.

If you're really set on using Children Take Wing (I considered that one before deciding upon Florida Star), you could play with your printer settings with that in mind...

Either way, you were very clever to come up with the Scrappy Diamonds block. Using up leftovers. What a concept. :o)

cozy quilter said...

I missed your Saturday sample block last week and was going to comment but then I read your blog--you said you had been camping--I am glad that you are back at the blocks. So close to the finish... Keep going. This will be a beautiful quilt. I learned so much doing my sampler.


Shelley said...

Love this block! Can't wait to see what you do after block 30 is done!

Karen said...

Block 27 is excellent!!