Friday, July 02, 2010

Quilt or FIFA?!?

I can't decide whether to quilt or watch much fun, so little time!
I'll try to do a little bit of both! I put together the calendar round robin blocks I showed on this post. The comments from blog readers helped me to be more flexible in putting the quilt top together and I changed the 2 things about the developing quilt that I didn't like.
1) I unsewed the March block (top right) and took out the dark green fabric; then reconstructed the block with a softer green.
2) I rearranged the blocks to spread the blues more evenly around the quilt top. I was stuck in my thinking that the blocks had to be in the calendar order in which they were originally intended to be. But once I felt free to rearrange them, I liked the quilt better. I put in a sashing with fairy cornerstones and added a border to bring the size up to a comfort/donation quilt size.
The quilt has been pin basted and I used up a lot of batting scraps which I stitched together last weekend (click here).  I'm joining Susan in her long weekend cyber quilt retreat and hope to finish up this quilt. I am free motion quilting on my Brother 1500, which has been a workhorse for me for 10 years.
I am using these Magic Bobbin Washers that I first saw on Leah's blog. They are quite expensive ($10 for 12 plastic discs) but if they do prevent thread nests and thread breaking, I'll gladly pay it! So far, I am having good luck....stay tuned.
Gotta go...Guana is playing Uruguay!


Judy said...

The quilt is great! I'm glad you changed out the green, it made a big difference.

scraphappy said...

Changing the order of the seasons seems to have done the trick. Sometimes a change of perspective is enough of a jump start to allow us to move along with things. It will make a lovely donation quilt.

orchidlover said...

looks good.

I'm glad you are enjoyingthe soccer. Both hubby and I are soccer mad and can't wait for the new season to start over here in august.

Love and hugs Gina xxx