Thursday, July 17, 2008

Making progress

It has been too hot here, and I have been working too many hours to fit in much quilting time. But I have had a few free moments to do something other than watch my tomatoes grow! Here they are! Aren't they so cute?!?!
Yes I actually have something other than weeds growing in my garden, since nothing was happening for a very long time! But just like Libby said, "before you know it, everything will be flourishing right before your very eyes". Everything except the carrots and cucumbers - those seeds did not produce a single green sprout! But that made more room for the mutant crazy tomatoes.
I have had a similar struggle with my Kwik Scrappy Star blocks. It was such an interesting process working on this pattern, because the block seams are not straight lines and this caused my traditional quilter brain lots of anxiety. It just wasn't working out in my mind. I wrote on the blog last week that I contacted the pattern designer for reassurance, and she told me I was doing everything right and to keep on going. So I did. This is how the seam edges look, and then you match them to another seam and sew them together. I had to even up the edges to a straight line since I couldn't cope otherwise!! I was anxious, working slowly, re-reading the instructions frequently, and not liking the project, until the first block came together and looked great. And then I loved it!
There are 6 gold star blocks and 6 black star blocks in this layout. I am almost ready to sew the top together!
See...if I am just patient, and do the right thing, everything comes together - with gardens and quilts!
And life?!????
I am hoping that another project I am working on will come together too - come visit my blog on the weekend to see how my new fabric boxes are working out - or not!
Some exciting blogging news it that two of my quilt blog friends Sharon and Paula have given me the "Brilliante Weblog award"! Thanks you guys! I really appreciate your wonderful comments about me - that made my day!


Gina said...

well done for sticking with it. The blocks look great

Love and hugs gina xxx

Sweet P said...

Ooooh . . . I love that star! Awesome job on it.

Libby said...

Love those stars . . . and in such delicious colors, too *s*
I'm right there with you on the carrots and cucumbers. Squirrels got to each cucumber attempt and I can't put a finger on what went awry with the carrots. Oh well - at the end of the day there is nothing as wonderful as a tomato, just picked from the vine. You'll be enjoying them before you know it!