Friday, July 18, 2008

Working, stitching, visiting, and blogging

I am on call for work today and so far, it's been a blog surfing and doing laundry kind of day!
Here is what I found out how to do from my blog surfing...

This is called a "wordle" and is composed from the words I use most frequently in my blog. It is disappointing that the words "time" and "working" are some of the largest, which means they are the most frequently used words on my blog. I wish that the biggest words would be "fun" and "relaxation"!
I'll "work" on that!
You can try making one of your own if you have time to waste today - click here.
Yesterday I went to the Mount Forest Fireworks Festival Quilt Show with my oldest (as in "long time", not as in "elderly") quilt friend Louise. It was a beautiful sunny summer day and I enjoyed the long drive to her farm. We sat out on her deck eating blueberries, watching her children play, enjoying one of my favorite smells... freshly baled hay. We chatted and stitched and laughed. Well, one of us was stitching and one of us was only talking, but we both were laughing!!! This is one of the words on the block I was stitching - block #5 of Journey of a Quilter. You can see some of my blocks by clicking here. (Please don't notice that these blog entries are from 2007! Thank you!) I am making progress on this quilt at a snail's pace, but seeing Sarah's photos of her hand quilting of this quilt is very inspiring and makes me want to get to work on - I mean "enjoy"- this stitching more frequently!
It was great fun finding friends at the Quilt Show that I hadn't seen for a long time, and see the quilts they have made. It was also fun to run into some "blog stalkers" - mother-daughter dynamic duo Karen and Melanie! They said they read my blog all the time. I am always surprised to hear this from people and makes me think I should write something more profound and important if all these people are going to be reading it. Hmmm...I'll try to "work" on that!


anne said...

Love your wordle , will have to try that one. Great quilting, love the stars. Check out our sleepover at this blog, join in if you can,

Happy stitching

Sweet P said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. Wordle is fun. When I did it the words Whistler, Vacation and Vancouver were the largest words.

Karen E. said...

Please don't try to write "something more profound". I love your blog the way it is, so human and so honest! I enjoy seeing what you are working on and appreciate you pictures of "reality", be it tomatoes, weeds, rhubarb or quilt projects.
Was great to see you at the Mount Forest Quilt Show :)

The Karen from the mother-daughter "blog stalking" duo.

Kathy Wagner said...

OH my goodness - a comment from my blog stalker! Thanks for your encouraging comments!

Karen E. said...

You are welcome.

ShinyNewThing said...

Hey cool - i made a Wordle! (once I had defeated the evil Vista security pop-up blockers that is). Will have to remember to put it into my blog. Like you one of my bigger words is 'work', sigh, but there are crafty words in there too.