Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Little Miracles

Yesterday was such a beautiful summer day here in Southern Ontario so I took the opportunity to head out to the blueberry farm. Blueberry season is a little later this year and I always go out to pick with whomever I can drag along with me. Last year I took my sister and her girls (see here). I used to make the kids come along when they were younger, but they flatly refuse to come now...too early for teenagers to roll out of bed!
I learned the love of picking blueberries from my mother-in-law. It has always been one of her greatest pleasures in life to pick berries and since she is 84 years old, it is getting harder for her each year. Considering we thought she might die last fall and she spent about 2 months in hospital too weak to even walk by herself, it was a miracle that she could be here this summer to pick blueberries. Here she is, sitting on a stool picking the low berries, and I picked the higher ones. This photo makes me smile because even though it was hot and I was sweating, she has a jacket on so she won't catch a chill! I picked 17 litres of berries and she picked about 6 litres to share with the other seniors in the facility where she now lives.
I find that I am getting more like her every year (shudder) and this year she has convinced me that I can make jam. Now, I come from a long line of domestically challenged women, so if I could actually make a tasty jam, that would be the second miracle for the day!
Secretly I have always wanted to be a jam maker/domestic goddess. I love all types of jam but my husband is very specific about the only jam he will eat (Smuckers Sugar Free). I know he won't eat this stuff because it has 4 cups of sugar in it, but if it turns out to be good, I'm sure the kids and I can polish it off in no time. I just made the refrigerator version since I don't know anything about how to seal/sterilize jars properly (that is next on the list of things I'd like to learn).
And here is the finished product...after hours of work...
ta da...7 jars of blueberry rhubarb jam made from rhubarb in my garden and berries I picked in the morning. My official taste tester told me "the flavour and texture and colour are perfect"!! I was so happy!! It really is a great feeling of accomplishment....unlike sewing borders on quilts!!!


  1. Well done. I'm useless at jam making. I just end up with a pile of goo.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Mmmm how yummy.....I might come round for some scones and jam LOL

  3. A domestic goddess/jam maker . . . I love it. After years of dreaming about making jam, I dove straight in last year and taught myself. Couldn't be having more fun! Check out Lehmans.com they offer a canning set for beginners. It was just perfect. That blueberry jam looks yummy!!!

  4. Wow, they are beautiful. Such colors! I picked blueberries today too! Maybe I will make some muffins for breakfast. We froze most of them. I love to make smoothies with them for breakfast!!

  5. I have tried growing a measly blueberry bush in my yard, but so far no berries. (I've got 8 blackberries though.)

    Your mother in law sounds wonderful! What a nice relationship you seem to have.

  6. your jam looks great, and your time with your mother in law is an even better gem, how lucky you both are!!! also, in my humble opinion, freezer jam is every bit as tasty as the old fashioned kind, and it tastes really yummy right out of the freezer from an icy spoon............. hmm how would I know that?

  7. I used to can with my mom and granny. It was hard work when you didn't want to do it. But now with a small basket of berries in the fridge I am only going to make a small batch. Homemade jam doesn't last long. Oh and if your husband doesn't like the sugar you can half up the sugar use splenda for the rest. Tastes great.

  8. My mum was always making jam, strewberry and rubarb, i have a jam pan but not yet used it,
    Great blog Thankyou