Friday, July 04, 2008

News Scraps

I should be working right now, and have scheduled a paperwork morning to get caught up at work, but I am a master of avoidance of all things boring! So I bribe myself (like I do to the children - see here) and agree that if I do an entire morning of updating clinical notes, I can sew for the afternoon. Technically updating one's blog doesn't count for "work", but I promise I will start my official work soon!!!
Sometimes I force myself to overcome my avoidance, just like I will do this afternoon and finish my OC top. It is silly really - it's just one more seam, but it is so bulky and there are so many seams to match (whine, whine) and I just want to do something easier. So I made a tote bag that I showed you last post and I have been working on this BOM from Reichards. This is the first month's package and I already have picked up the second month so I better get moving on it. I have pieced the first block and started with the applique, and it's more fun than fighting with the OC! This is the background block for January.
Another great way to avoid working if I were so inclined, would be to print out the July Capricorn BOM pattern here. I still haven't finished June's yet, so if I were undisciplined, I could work on that this afternoon!!!
Anyway, onto other news...thanks to Jane for telling me about the theft of Valerie Hearder's quilts while she was in Newfoundland! You can read more about it here on Valerie's blog. What a relief to read that her quilts were found!
And my last bit of news is that I won a blog award! Toni at 3 AM Designs has given me the "Arte Y Pico" award! You can visit Toni's blog here. I have been fascinated by her amazing paper quilling (no T - not quilting!) art. See the wonderful pieces she gave away in February here. This blog award is given to acknowledge "creativity, design, interesting material, and overall contribution to the blogger community, regardless of the language". Thanks Toni! I will have fun thinking about the 5 blogs that I will give the award to. But not while I'm working this morning....maybe this afternoon when I am working on my BOM's, uh, um, I mean while I am sewing the OC!!!!
Happy 4th of July to my American quilt friends!


Deb Robertson Writes said...

writing in your blog definitely counts as 'work' lol!!!

Julie said...

I had read about Valerie's theft but not that she had recovered most of her quilts. Thanks for the update.

ShinyNewThing said...

I do that too! I promise myself that if I do one hour of [despised task, such as housework], then I get a treat, like an hour of knitting or sewing. It works really well. best wishes, Sharon