Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone!
Prior to 1982, July 1st used to be called Dominion Day. You can read about what it is all about here. For some strange reason my kids were both away today, which meant I didn't need to stand in the sun and watch the parade. So I celebrated Canada Day by...guess what?!?
That's right - Canadian quilting!
I worked on my tote bag from the spring shop hop (you can read about the shop hop here). For those of you like Mare and Paula, I know you can sew these tote bags in your sleep! But for me, having only sewn 2 bags in my entire life, it was hard!
Here I am on the left sewing the handles to the INSIDE of the bag! Nope - that's wrong.
Let's see...how to fix, how to fix?
Cut them off and try again!!!
I kept thinking that no one else complains about how difficult these bags are and Mare is making them by the hundreds! I just kept at it, and finally finished! This is how Paula shows her bags by hanging them on the doorknob. So here is the tote bag, back and front.


Amanda said...

I've only ever made a couple of bags, so I can sympathise. Even the simplest looking projects have tricks up their sleeves to catch you out. Good looking bag though.

Candace said...

It may have been a bit of a struggle, but it sure turned out cute.

Jeanne said...

Third time's the charm! The tote bag is really cute. You can never have too many tote bags. *s*

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Happy Canada Day to you too...I totally forgot it used to be called Dominion Day. That makes me think there used to be a grocery store called Dominion...hmm rings bells.

Anyway, I just wanted to say how I've enjoyed reading about your time in Newfoundland. I have a friend that lives in Montreal that attended the meet as well and she's been telling me all about her adventures. She did a class with Valerie Hearder too. I was reading this morning in Ami Simms newsletter about how Valerie's quilts were stolen, but have now been found...that is sooo lucky!

Nicole & Phil said...

Happy Cananda Day,
great to see that you spent it doing something you love!
I love the flower garden too!