Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Blogland Delights

In this post I wrote about receiving a blogging award from Toni. I must admit it was fun to be acknowledged in this way. I have enjoyed thinking about my favorite blogs and whose efforts I should recognize by recommending that you go check them out.
As you probably already have experienced, blogland is immense - endless stories to read and visual treats to enjoy. It can gobble up hours and hours of your relaxation and quilting/beading time. I had to develop some guidelines to help me figure out how to spend this time. I set time limits on my blog activities, usually 30 - 60 minutes before bed while I drink my herbal tea. I write a new post if I am inspired to do so. I check in with as many of my book marked blogs as I can - these are blogs I have found that clicked with my interests and/or inspired me. If I have time I read the sites those posts link to and sometimes find new favorites to add to my list. If I still have time after that, I run through the list of the 2 blogrings I belong to, although that is sometimes frustrating since there are many "dead" blogs that have no new entries for months, but are still kept on the ring. I am going to change how I use that time by signing up for srr feeds as soon as I figure out what that means and how to do it!!!
I recently found this interesting post on "Meet Me at Mike's" blog called "A rough guide to having nice blog manners". Great ideas here about blog etiquette and worth the read! I was able to find that post from clicking on a link while reading this quilting blog - Fiber Babble.
Here are some of my frequently visited blogs:

Beading Blogs
Robin Atkins - the beading queen who has a new book out that I am going to order this week!
The Bead Journal Project - this is the year long project that Robin started and here is the site of some of the finished series. It's not too late to sign up for the 2008 project!

Quilting Blogs
I always read Bonnie's blog and have made both of her mystery quilts (neither one is quilted yet!). She has great patterns to use up your stash and will be publishing a book this fall.
I enjoy Leanne's House and am working on her pattern called "Journey of a Quilter", although I haven't posted my progress in a while, because there has been no progress!!! She has patterns for sale and if you like hand embroidery, you'll love her work. She also is an amazing photographer and I enjoy seeing her photos.
Then I tour around the world and check in on Tanya in Japan , and then over to Andrea in Wales, and usually see what Tazzie in Australia is working on.
Judy's blog is interesting and she is hosting a star Block of the Month starting in August if you are interested.
I read Nicole's blog faithfully and enjoy reading about what her puppy Ozzie is up to! I almost signed up for her 2 colour challenge, but I know I don't have the time. I do have the fabrics picked out though! Here they are - blue and white, and I have the pattern ready too. Just no time!
And every once in a while you come across a quilt blogger challenge that really takes off and here is the link for the "Finish 5 in July" challenge. You can go through the list and see the UFO's that the participants are trying to finish up. There's a few hours of fun reading right there! I almost signed up for that, but knew I wouldn't have time...ugh...so much fun to be had and so few hours in the day!!

Creativity Blog
This is my favorite by Christine Kane and if you are a blogger, here is one of her posts you must read called "18 stupid mistakes bloggers make in their first year".
Well, that should use up your blog reading time for today- do you see the problem!?!?!
How do you handle your desire to participate in blogland and still keep your life going?!?!?


Libby said...

Finding the right blogging balance can be a difficult thing. Seems like when I have lots and lots of time - there are not posts . . . when I busy all around the house - the blogs are a-buzz *s* I guess it all works out in the end *s*

Anonymous said...

Kathy, don't stop blogging because I read your posts all the time. I enjoyed your report on Quilt Canada - looks like you really enjoyed your classes.
Re keeping up to date on the posts of those you rea; you need to check out Boglands. Perhaps you already know about it, but if not, it's the best for letting you know if your favorite posts have been updated. Reading posts through Blogland prevents wasting time of going into a blog and seeing it has been updated or, even still operational, for that matter.

Kathy Wagner said...

Okay Gail! If you insist :)
Thanks for letting me know.
I will definately check out Blogland - thanks for the idea.

Quilter In Paradise said...

enjoyed your blog - and yes, I have to limit my time, too! I usually do this, like you, before bed but sometimes that causes problems cause I get all involved in what people have done and then I get excited about doing a new project and then I have to go look at other stuff, and then I have to check my stash to make sure I have just the right fabric and then I have to iron the fabric and then,,, OH GOLLY! you get the idea...
time for bed!

Tanya said...

Thank you for the mention. I know how you feel about spending all those hours blogging! I guess my own rules go that I record my daily life (for posterity?) on my own blog, then start back answering comments though I'm usually behind quite a bit on those. And finally I go to bloglines on the blogs I've subscribed to and get caught up on friend's posts there. I usually get around to visiting when a blogger has written about 4 posts so I'm always behind on the latest news!

ShinyNewThing said...

I didn't know there was so much information out there on 'how to blog'. I just haven't spent enough time on blogging, either my own or others. I felt guilty when I read the bloggers etiquette about the importance of leaving comments as I don't often make time to visit other people's blogs.
best wishes, Sharon