Friday, August 01, 2008


In the summer I like to do hand work, especially at the kids' sports practises and games. It's just too hot most days to sit at the machine and piece or quilt. I just finished stitching this block, which is the June block from Capricorn Quilts. I am really enjoying this project - quick and easy (and free!)blocks each month and I have been able to keep up fairly well. I have posted my finished blocks on the right hand side of my blog, just for fun. I almost have July's block done, plus there is a bonus block for the month which I haven't started yet.
I was thinking back to the days when I was involved in lots of swaps and often had a mailbox full of squishies.
What is a squishy, you ask?!?! It's an envelope in your mailbox that is filled with fabric or blocks or something quilty!
I don't sign up for fabric or block exchanges anymore because a) I am too busy doing other things and b) I have piles of unused blocks because I am too busy! I participated in hourglass and 9 patch block swaps for a long time in the mid 90's. As I was stitching this mailbox block and thinking about my participation in swaps, I started wondering where my old squishies were. I went in search of them down in the UFO dungeon. They are keeping well, and when they are aged to perfection I will make a quilt!


Tanya said...

Wow. I'm really out of it. I didn't know what a squishy was! Wonder where I missed that bit of information. Someday you'll have a beautiful quilt made from all your squishies!

Sweet P said...

Your block is great! I am so behind on my monthly stitcheries. My plan is to get a stack of stitcheries and applique projects ready for football season. Squishies are fun! Maybe you should join swaps that send completed items like Stitchers Angel. That way you wouldn't end up with blocks and a UFO.