Monday, May 18, 2020

Midmonth UFO Report

I chose a happy but challenging project for the May UFO project. 
Sweet Sixties layout
Here is the layout of the blocks. Those dark reds really pop out so they needed to be carefully sprinkled around. I have sewn the 2 left columns together.
There are so many bias seams, and angles to sew. Plus about half of these blocks were started 10 years ago, and my piecing has improved considerably over the years. Let's just say... the blocks don't fit together very well! There has been a lot of stretching,  trimming and seam alterations... tuck in a little, let out a little. And I have been saying "that's good enough" over and over to myself.
See the pieces for Frolic at the bottom of the design wall?!?! They are still waiting for attention since the Unity project caused havoc in the sewing room!

I took all the pieces off the design wall and pinned them together to take to the sewing machine. This little pile represents so many hours of sewing and organizing!

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maggie fellow said...

ironic how the pile is small but the effort is big - it looks great

Chantal said...

I feel your pain. I too have a quilt made awhile back and my piecing was not exactly accurate back then. It's probably why the quilt got shelved. I only have borders to add so it's easier than what you are doing. Good luck and I'm sending good vibes with lots of patience. ;^)

Louise said...

I've always loved this hexagon pattern and should try it myself one of these days. Looks like you started with a jelly roll, based on the pinked edges. Such pretty fabrics! It's going to be so nice :)

Deanna W said...

Looks like you are being productive. I seem to have found your Funk! I just keep moving but this terrible headache that I have had for two days it following me wherever I go!

AnnieO said...

Lots of stitching time represented in small piles in many sewing rooms! Just because cotton is thin doesn't mean it takes less time to sew, lol. Love those blocks.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

It looks nice on the design wall. Hopefully they will all fit together nicely.

Karrin Hurd said...

They are pretty blocks though!