Monday, November 12, 2018

Design Wall Monday

Over the weekend I became obsessed with finishing "En Provence". Of course the reason is because Bonnie Hunter has posted the fabric requirements for her new mystery quilt called "Good Fortune". I felt disappointed that I hadn't finished the last 2 mysteries, and got "a bee in my bonnet" about En Provence. 

I had some backing yardage from the "Good Neighbors" line of fabrics that my quilt was inspired by, but it wasn't nearly big enough. Just look at these adorable selvages from this fabric line. I'm saving them for the selvage quilt I'm going to make "someday".

I had to piece strips from leftover fabrics to add to the right and left sides of the yardage piece. I included all the remaining blocks that didn't get into the quilt, and some of the bits and pieces of yardage.

Here it is on the design wall. It's too big to fit on my wall so the middle piece of yardage is folded over. It's big enough on the right side, but for some reason, I didn't make it long enough on the left. Oh for heaven's sake how did that happen after all the measuring I did??!!
So, I'll just add another chunk to the bottom left and then I'll have the backing ready. Basting is the next step.
Could I actually finish it before the next mystery starts in two weeks?!?!
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  1. I have to admit to starting to save selvages...they are cute and some have nice quotes on them...I don't know what I'll do with them, but someday the perfect project will present itself!

  2. But En Provence wasn't the last mystery...didn't you do On Ringo Lake!!!haha I have to admit truthfully, I did both of them and neither of them is finished!!! Two weeks is not nearly enough time for me to get one much less two of them done!!! Good Luck

  3. I'll be cheering for you to reach the "finish" line, Kathy!

  4. Just remember: measure twice, cut once, curse once, measure again, cut again, curse again. Repeat. At least that's how it happens in my studio...

  5. Good job on getting that En Provence finished at gunpoint LOL! If it wasn't for deadlines, nothing would get done around here!! I am very tempted to join this year's Bonnie Hunter Mystery. The colours will lend themselves perfectly to a bucket of red, green and blue Kaffe fabrics that I'd set aside for another project that may or may not ever get done...all I have to do is add oranges and I need to use up neutrals big time! Good excuse eh? LOL Still contemplating!

  6. Pieced back sometimes take as long as a quilt. Good to get a finish in before the next Mystery starts.

  7. Nothing like the next BH mystery to get you going on the last one, two, or three in the UFO pile? I'm trying to at least finish the On Ringo Lake blocks before the next mystery kicks off. Probably not going to happen. Good luck with the finishing off En Provence. Looks like you've gotten a running start.