Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Blockheads II

When the Blockheads patterns started being released two each week, I fell way behind. Most of these blocks are tricky and small... which are two things I usually enjoy in quiltmaking. But it was just too much sewing time to fit in to my October schedule. 
Anyway, I am motivated at the moment to try to catch up again. So then... is it best to start at the most recently released pattern (which looks fun!) and work backwards, or go back to where you left off and work forward?
I decided to pick up where I left off.
Fidget Spinner

I left off at block #14 called "Fidget Spinner". 
It was hard to figure out the colours with my fabric, and the seam ripper was used frequently. The way the pattern was written meant I had no idea how any of the pieces were going to look. But eventually it all turned out okay (life lesson??)

When working on all those "sew and flip" triangle corners, I sewed a second seam and that extra step gave me many tiny HST's. 


I looked ahead in the block list and figured out that I could use those bonus HSTs to sew a variation of block #24 called "Kaleidoscope".

Corner Pocket

Block #15 is called "Corner Pocket" and it was like a breath of fresh air after sewing those challenging blocks. (It is also the same pattern pieces as Block #2 Buckeye Beauty with the values moved around.)

Texas Puzzle

Block #16 is called "Texas Puzzle" and I used a scrap of grey from one of the older Sweetwater lines called "Mama said SEW". When I put the block on the design wall I noticed that the grey is noticeably different from the Harmony greys. 
Oh well... I like that fabric, so it stays!

Big Storm

Block #17 "Big Storm" was interesting. I could see this pattern becoming a border on a quilt. 

So after all that effort, I am only 11 blocks away from being caught up! LOL 

Here's the latest Blockheads II design wall photo taken late at night with the 19 blocks I've sewn. Since the time change, most of my sewing is done in the dark, so my photos will won't be great quality. 
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  1. I know what you mean about sewing in the dark! These blocks look so pretty on your design wall! I’m looking forward to seeing the next batch

  2. I loved seeing your blocks! Just beautiful. They look so great all together on your design wall. I'm even further behind than you, I've only done the first 12 so far, but since we seem to be using almost the same fabric (except I'm not using the blue) I'm getting a good idea about how my blocks might look. Good job on trying to catch up! I still need to find time for a marathon Blockhead quilting session too.

  3. A very fun set of blocks. It's going to be fun to watch this one come together.

  4. Your blocks look lovely. I'm impressed you got several completed!

  5. Oh my goodness!! Wow. Your colors are so wonderful.Just perfect for this rainy, gray time of year! Your quilt blocks have a lovely vintage vibe. The pineapple block is somehow a focal point. Great work...Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  6. I love the fabrics you are using. Hugs

  7. These are all lovely blocks and your fabric is so fun! :D

  8. Beautiful blocks! I've been drooling over the blockheads 11 quilt along, but am studiously trying to conquer my UFOs. Your blocks may well change my mind.

  9. I think your photo looks great. Your blocks and fabric choices are looking good!!!

  10. I applaud you. When I fall behind, I drop out!