Wednesday, November 07, 2018

My favourite OLFA tools

Did you see the great OLFA giveaway on Monday's post? You have until November 11th to enter. And be sure to visit all the featured bloggers to have 8 changes to win one of the OLFA packages. 
All this talk about OLFA products has inspired me to show you more of my favourite OLFA tools. I have no affiliation to this company, nor do I get paid for my endorsement. I'm just a very happy customer!
NOT an OLFA mat 
Over my years of quilting I have bought several brands of cutting mats, and here is a photo of why I always come back to OLFA. 
Unlike the pink mat in this photo, OLFA mats are self healing. Other brands develop nicks and grooves very quickly which make it impossible to get a clean cut. My OLFA mats do eventually wear out over years of continuous service, and when they do, I buy another OLFA mat to replace it. I think I've had 4 mats over 25 years.

Middle wavy edge of the folding mat
Folding cutting mat - this is such a great idea to make a large mat more portable. It folds across the middle to take up half the storage space. It's perfect to take to classes and retreats. The middle edges are wavy so that when you open the mat and lay it flat on the table, there is no groove or gap in the middle where the fabric wouldn't cut. You can cut long strips on this mat and there are no missed threads over the fold. Terrific idea!

My 3 favourite OLFA cutters

Cutters - I still have my very first rotary cutter from more than 25 years ago! It's on the left in this photo and it still works great, but isn't as pretty as the newer ones. I still think it has better ergonomics, and use it for big cutting jobs. I keep the smaller pretty ones beside my sewing table for small jobs. I'm sure I'll end up buying the new pink Splash cutter!

Rulers - my all time favourite, most used ruler is the 6" x 12" ruler with all the angles. I'm using it today to cut more Arrowhead blocks
Love love super love!


Denise :) said...

I have the ergonomic 45 mm cutter in pink which is my absolute FAVE OLFA cutter!! I downloaded my Bee's block yesterday, but didn't make the blog rounds for it. I'll do that now!! :)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I use only the Olfa matts and my 'square' rulers (4 sizes) are all Olfa. I tend to work in one area of the matt with my small bits so end up with only area damage. I have my brother cut down those old matts and then I have little portables to use for travel and teaching.

Unknown said...

Olfa is Great. I LOVE my Cutters. I haven't found my 1st one, it's buried someplace. I use the Splash ones and with the new Titanium blade, it is even better. There's a NEW Ruby Red one too! Coming in the Spring.

Quilting Babcia said...

I sure love my ergonomic squeeze handle cutter like the one on the left in your photo. It's the only one I use anymore. Don't care what color my tools are as long as they work, and Olfa does!

Needled Mom said...

Olfa does make great products. The quilting world has changed so much with their inventions.

Diane Harris, Stash Bandit said...

Hi Kathy, it is SO FUN to see your blog again, and to see that you've been quilting up a storm as always! I have some catching up to do, which is going to be completely enjoyable. I have my oldest OLFA cutters, too, and I'd love to have the new SPLASH! :) Best to you always!

Kleine Vingers said...

I just love OLFA rulers and cutter, use it all the time.

Janet O. said...

I'm with you on this, Kathy! Olfa Cutters and mats are my "go to" tools. I have three brands of cutters--all ergonomic styles. While there is one that I find easier on my hand than the Olfa, the blade retraction feature on theirs in awkward, so I usually stick with the Olfa. And I agree about other brands of mats just not holding up well.