Thursday, May 04, 2017

UFO of the Month

It has been hard to think of working on another UFO since I finished the Scrap Vortex. It's like when you've just finished reading an epic book and you don't have any interesting in starting to read another book and getting to know a whole new cast of characters when you still miss the ones from the book you just finished.  
However, I am setting the goal of finishing my 2016 Aurifil sampler quilt. 

The first step is to piece a backing. There is still some of this Sweetwater border fabric left, so it will feature prominently in the backing. 
Hop over to One Monthly Goal to see the UFO goals for May.


  1. Epic reads....Oh how I understand that reference!
    I have a few authors with series that I still pursue and with 12 to 18 months between some installations its almost painful!
    Same thing on a quilt or hand project that I have interested weeks and sometimes months on. Its like an anchor that steadied me is gone and I am a bit at "float" sometimes that is good and sometimes that is bad. lol

  2. Good to have a variety of UFO'S. Your Aurifil Blocks will be fun to quilt. Nice sashing too.

  3. Perfect description of epic book finish syndrome! Love your reds in this pretty top. Good luck with your goal.

  4. It'll be a nice feeling to have this pretty redvquilt completed. A red and white quilt is near the top of my list.

  5. That's a perfect backing for the quilt. It does feel a bit jarring when moving on from some projects. It's that "OK now what feeling". Good luck with your plans for May.