Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Machine Quilting - Part 2

First of all, did you see the great video Alex Anderson posted? Click here to view it if you missed it. I'm planning on trying her "Fantastic Folded Quilting" technique next week!
And now... back to our regularly scheduled blog post... part 2 of machine quilting my spring tablerunner.
After quilting the diagonal grid on the inner panel, I stitched in the ditch around the narrow inner pink border, and then made a 1/4" line of stitching beside the edge of the pinwheel blocks.

Then I quilted straight through the pinwheel blocks all around the border...
And finally quilted a 1/4" line on the outside side of the pinwheel blocks.
I was shocked at how flat it was laying after the quilting, because I really had to wrestle that pinwheel border to fit the sides, and the whole tablerunner had been somewhat wavy before quilting. My wonderful blog readers reassured me (in their supportive comments on this post) that the waves would quilt out, and they were right! 

This is the tablerunner backing that was pieced from 2 leftover pinwheel blocks, the rest of the charm pack and the kit fabricand a few scraps from my stash. The colour is off in the photo, but it shows how it was pieced together. It's not the prettiest backing you ever saw, but it does tickle me to use up all that fabric and have no pieces left from that kit to deal with!
If you would like to make your own version of this spring tablerunner called "Dogwood Trail", the pattern is available free from United Notions - click here.


  1. You are getting your Spring runner done in the usual pattern is to get a seasonal project started in the same season but not finished until another season! My intentions are good! Your runner will certainly brighten up your decor!

  2. The dogwood fabric is perfect for Spring and the quilting looks terrific.

  3. Great looking quilting - and I love the pieced backing that you've made! Always satisfying to use up all of a fabric 'pull' in a piece, isn't it?

  4. a great quilt for springtime! lovely colors and the quilting turned out great

  5. Looks beautiful, from what we could see, but I would love a full view of the finished product (hint, hint). : )
    Nice job polishing off the scraps on the back!

  6. This is so pretty and so spring. I like how you are machine quilting it and appreciate the close-up photos.

  7. Well done on the great backing. Love the idea of using up all the fabric

  8. I loved the Folded Quilting also, but have never tried that technique. Maybe some day. Love the table runner, such a funky back.

  9. coming along a treat, that quilting in the ditch is so hard to do, I can not stay in the ditch how ever hard I try so now have given up on that! Very spring like runner