Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nabby's Dowry Sew-Along

New Pocket Patchwork Sew~Along Coming Soon!
When you don't have time to quilt, dreaming about quilts must suffice!
I have been looking forward to's sew-along time! 
Last summer I participated in the Temecula Summer Stars sew-along and really enjoyed it, so I was happy to find a sew-along project with small pieced blocks to work on this summer. This year I am joining in the sew-along over at Heartspun Quilts called Nabby's Dowry. Don't know who "Nabby" is?!?  Click here to read about here.
This will be a 36" square quilt and the blocks will be 6" - my favorite! Instructions are given to make the quilt from your stash, but I ordered the fabric kit  as a special treat to myself and have enjoyed admiring these fabrics all week. There is a perfect blend of small prints and homespuns. I especially love the neutrals she included...yum! 
Instructions will be posted every Friday for 12 weeks.
Are you in?!?!


Janet O. said...

I'm trying so hard to tell myself "NO". I always get in over my head in SALs, and I am just now starting to surface from my most recent plunge. But I have been following Pam's blog and I love her stuff. Ohhhh-I.Must.Resist!! : )

Deb A said...

Darn you Kathy. That's two that I want to do now because of you! I'm going to start the xmas one when I get back and now this one too. Now do I buy the kit or play from the stash??????

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

LOL~ Love Deb's comment! :-)
I plan to use my stash and play along. ;-) Have a great weekend!

Lesley said...

The fabric is gorgeous! Love Pam's new line. Her QAL's are always wonderful! Will look forward to seeing your progress!

Sarah said...

I admit I'm very tempted!!!

Kate said...

Looks like fun! Enjoy!