Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Treadling on Tuesday

I have been making friends with my new/old Treadle sewing machine.

Here is the certificate from the Singer website that indicates my machine was born in 1901.

Here is the bobbin and the bobbin case. It is called a vibrating shuttle bobbin, and this bobbin case happens to be in perfect condition. 
Isn't the bobbin interesting?
This photo compares the spool of Aurifil thread that I use for piecing, to the size of the bobbin and the bobbin casing. Very different from the bobbins of today's machines! I found great information about this type of bobbin case at the TreadleOn website.

This photo shows the bobbin winding mechanism. 
It also shows other beautiful details on the machine...  and how worn and cracked the belt is. Not sure what I need to do about that?


I just love this photo showing the old and the new. I am surfing the internet trying to find instructions on how to wind the bobbin! 
This is sooooo fun!
Now to see if it can actually sew! Actually I don't really care because it is so beautiful! 

Stay tuned for more "Treadling on Tuesday" episodes....


  1. What a treasure...I hope it works! I like your blocks from Lori's quilt-along...I may give that one a try, too!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  2. Treadle On is a great site for information. Also try quiltersboard.com...there is an entire section devoted to antique sewing machines and a great group of people who can rip these machines apart and put them back together...blindfolded. ;)

    Your belt just needs to be replaced and it's pretty simple! You can buy the tools and the belt on Ebay - look at feedback, there are many reputable sellers of parts and supplies on there.

    Good luck with your treadle!

  3. I actually have two treadle machines in storage. I should get them out and see what kind of bobbins they have. I've never really looked that closely since I've never sewn on them.

  4. The old and new photo is just perfect *s*

  5. Sorry if I am repeating myself...but I have two treadles I have yet to figure out how to use...love "Treadling on Tuesday." Now I finally know what the bobbin looks like...can't wait to see how to wind it.

  6. I am so excited for you to get this working. I will live my dream through you! : )

  7. One of these days I have to get Miss Sophie out and start playing with her! I can't believe I haven't done anything with her since I got her several months ago. Perhaps your posts will encourage me :*)

  8. You can order new belts from Cindy Peters, her email add. is: stitchesintime@earthlink.net She does not have a website but sells a lot of stuff for treadles and vintage machines. I got my belt from her. I have a vibrating shuttle also, but mine is a Franklin.

  9. The Certificate is cool. How did you get that? I think it would be fun to have that to authenticate my Old Featherweight and Bentwood "Tombstone" Singers too. I Used to have a Treadle. :( Have fun with yours!

  10. Oh what fun, I hope you get it all to work. Looks like a series of fun new adventures.

  11. kathy the website is awesome. Thanks for sharing. I also got a Singers certificate for my treadle singer, it was made in 1910. it's hard to believe they are that old but still work. I got a new belt for mine off of ebay as well. Keep enjoying the new machine!!

  12. How fun! Good luck with your sewing adventure!

  13. Were you able to find instructions for winding the bobbin? I'm pretty sure I have a copy of an instruction manual for your machine and can scan and send a copy of bobbin winding instructions.

  14. When I sewed with my treadle, I remember tying a knot with the thread around the post of the bobbin and then guiding the thread onto the bobbin because it didn't wind very well.

    Have fun with your treadle!

  15. Love that beautiful machine! I recently came across one at a garage sale and the mad really didn't know what to do with it if it didn't sell. Sure hope he found a good home for it! What an adventure you are in for!