Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Fair Fun

Fall is my most favorite time of the year...such beautiful colours, cooler temperatures, and lots of fun activities, including fall fairs! This was one of the views I passed by on my way to drop off my quilt entries for the Erin Fall Fair last week.
To celebrate the fall fair season, let's have some fall fair fun! 
Guess the answer to these two questions:
1) How many Fall Fairs did I enter quilts in this year?
2) How many entries did I have in the Erin Fall Fair this past weekend? 
Here is a clue of how to calculate the number...the number of quilts in this pile, minus the number of entries that were in this pile, but stayed at home for some unknown reason  (although they were really looking forward to the outing!), plus the one I had to take off my bed to include that is not in the pile in this photo = the correct number of entries!! 
I will put all the winning guesses into a draw for a package of batik charm squares. I have two more blogposts to write re: fall fairs, and then I'll draw the winner from all the correct guesses.


Diane said...

I'm bad with numbers and confused ;)
I'll guess Fall fairs-3
and Erin Fall fair 2

Good for you for entering quilts, I can't seem to make deadlines anymore

Anonymous said...

Kathy you are a busy lady
Fall fairs-3
entries in Erin Fair-4

Hope you win some nice ribbons. I am off today for a 4 day quilting retreat...going to finish and start some UFO. Have a great weekend!
Norther Blog Stalker!!!

Deb A said...

Fairs = 4 and quilts in the Erin fair = 5.

I have yet to enter any quilts to a juried show or fair. Good luck to you.

Libby said...

I LOVE fall, too. I does seem to be a theme among quilters *s*

Jean said...

one fall fair and 5 entries. Did you go and take pix of them hanging up?

Rosa said...

I love fall color and fall fair 4 and 6

Darlene D said...

Love pictures of piles of quilts! They look great! As for the numbers, maybe I'm reading your clues wrong, but I'm thinking 1 and 1!

SandraC said...

I will guess 3 fairs and 8 entries!

scraphappy said...

I love happy pictures of stacks of quilts. Doesn't it give you such a sense of accomplishment to see them all together like that?

Dar said...

Such a pretty pile of quilts. I'll guess 4 Fall Fairs and 4 in the Erin Fall Festival.

Jackie J said...

You have a lovely stack of quilts. You entered 5 fall fairs, and entered 3 quilts in Erin's fair.

Fran said...

As busy as you are I'm guessing 1 fair and 1 quilt... which is still 100% more than me!!

Gill said...

No idea!!
How about 2 and 3??