Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Mini Leader/Ender Project

Do you ever walk into your quilt room with a plan of what you want to sew and get completely derailed? The other day I decided to pin baste my UFO of the month, and started to clear the piles off my cutting mat to get the backing ready, and then I found some little tiny pieces that I had completely forgotten about! 
I was so happy to see these little bits again. Now what was I going to do with them? Oh yah...I was making this adorable block that I first saw on the LeeHaven blog, and Karen called this block "Alamo Star".
And I think Karen was inspired by a quilt posted on the Strawberry Patch blog - click here to see some beautiful red and white blocks. Mrs. Goodneedle sent me the templates to make a 6" block.
If you read my post yesterday, you know I am obsessed with making blocks smaller, so I decided to make my blocks 2.25" finished. 
Did I mention they are cute?!? 
Cute Cute Cute!
Each block has 17 pieces. 
I used my Tri-Recs rulers to cut the little shapes. I will admit the cutting is fiddly and annoying. But sewing the sweet little things together is really fun! 
This project totally hijacked my sewing time and I didn't get anything else quilt didn't get basted, and my cutting table did not get cleaned.
But I had a great time watching Bonnie on Quiltcam, and digging through my batik scrap bag.
See how I have several block pieces clipped together using my binding clips and ready to sew? This will be my new leader/ender project as soon as I can leave it alone and get back to what I was supposed to be sewing!


  1. What a cute little block, can't wait to see more!

  2. I love the way you are using the clover clips to keep your pieces organized. I love making minis too!

  3. too cute! you're nuts going that small :-) sounds like you are starting already on them though and not using them just to end like leaders and enders? I do that fact I need another leader and ender project soon, my current one was large drunkards path blocks, NOT a good idea..... I do have the triangle in a square DIE for your block, so hmm. the triangle in a square blocks are 3", have another idea though with these, hmmmm

  4. haha I can so relate to walking into sewing room with a firm plan or action and then getting totally side tracked.
    It must be genetic with us quilters :)
    have fun with your itty bitty leader/ender. I'm playing it way safer and just sewing 2.5 inch squares together as my L/E right now!

  5. Your Alamo Star is absolutely adorable!!! I love small blocks - I have a miniature planned but it is constantly getting put on the back burner for more urgent projects. I need to get busy with it, to feed my little miniature soul :*) I get derailed all the time! But like you, sometimes it is a good thing because I have a ball at whatever takes my sudden fancy :*)

  6. Wow, cute blocks! Tiny pieces but very cute blocks. :-)

  7. As to your first question, that only happens to me ALL THE TIME!
    I got that template from Mrs. G., too, but your mini version is too cute!! Oh, stop, you are torturing me. I.Cannot.Start.Another.Mini!!!

  8. I have been hijacked on more than once occasion. The blocks are so tiny, and so cute.

  9. Oh Lady! You are one sick puppy! LOL! How tiny are the pieces if the whole thing is only 2.5"? I do like small, but that many pieces and that small? NO THANKS! (Unless it's paper pieced!)
    I do want to ask - What is in all the jelly jars on your cutting table? (I guess I'm new to your blog, and didn't see anything about them.

  10. I spent half of my life derailed; love, love, LOVE your mini version of that block!! Well done, Kathy!

  11. I should have typed spenD in the comment, not spenT... my life isn't over yet! I do hope to get back on track before that happens! ;)

  12. they are darling but I think you are crazy!! 2.25 finished!! small to me is 4" finished.

    I have done the same thing . the fabric hijacks you. not to worry you will get back on track eventually. LOL

  13. Too tiny for me. They are cute though. Smart to have a laptop by your sewing machine. I will have to ask Mr Claus for one so I can watch Bonnie and stitch too. I have been sorting my Bow ties to sew into 9's while I watch. Great use of the binder slips!

  14. What cute, cute, cute little blocks. I love that block in the smaller version. What fun with Bonnie on Quiltcam, too!

    I'm totally interested in how you drafted that! Skilled!!!!

  15. So so cute! Not sure I would have the patience though!
    Evin5 at aol dot com

  16. Oh Oh...Love these!! I am ALL about tiny small pieces.
    The only takes w-a-y too many to finish a project, but I don't care, I love them anyway and I just have patience when working with them.

    Great for leader/enders!!

  17. Your mini blocks are GORGEOUS!!!

  18. These are adorable, and oh so tiny!