Thursday, August 20, 2009

"A Major Award" & Zigzags

[Itsamajoraward-veronica-1.jpg]I forgot to mention that Jill, over at the Quilt Rat blog gave me an award a couple of weeks ago. I don't know how it slipped my mind, especially since the honourary trophy is from one of my favorite Christmas movies "A Christmas Story" - see the YouTube movie trailer here.
 She said that this award is given to: "anyone who likes to smile and or laugh and just generally spreads that along in this blogging community in which we all travel".  Isn't that great?!? I was delighted, since that is one of my goals in maintaining my quilting blog.  Thanks Jill!
I have been so busy since at work we are understaffed for most of the summer, and having the kids home from school (and getting them back and forth to their jobs & activities) that I haven't been able to quilt as much as I would like/need, or visit other quilting blogs as much as I usually enjoy. I am so looking forward to September when the kids go back to school (let's sing together...."it's the most wonderful time of the year"!) and the rest of my colleagues come back from vacation, and I don't have to work so hard and I can quilt more!
In the meantime, I have been keeping my sanity by working on a series of mini ZigZag quilts.  Remember when I was cutting up my Swanky charm pack?? You can read about it on this post.
I got the idea to make mini ZigZags reading this blog post. This is the first mini top I've sewn and I think there will be enough pieces from the charm pack to make 4 minis.   I am hoping to make each mini a little different even though they are made from the same fabric line. It is great fun, even if the fun is in very small chunks of time. It's important for me to sew a little bit every day, even if there isn't much time to feel like I am accomplishing much. A little mini fun goes a long way!!


antique quilter said...

cute little quilt
I have been wanting to make a zig zag quilt too
may just have to do that soon!

joolz said...

Love the zigzags.

Greenmare said...

I bet that award is Italian, I think it says Fragile (pronounce it right now!) Love that award and the movie!!
the little zig zag is adorable!!!!

Ginger Patches said...

Such a cute little quilt! I love zig-zags!

Quilt Rat said...

You are welcome Kathy. Now I have some blueberries for you :-)