Monday, August 17, 2009

Design Wall Monday

Remember this photo from a previous design wall post? I have been playing around with these disappearing 9 patch blocks and trying to make it into a more interesting quilt. 
The first idea I had was to add in some white fabric and I found a little piece that was perfect...white with little pink dots! The fabrics in this quilt are all polka dot fabrics that I have been collecting for a long time. 
The addition of the white fabric made me happy.
What next?
I tried to add in a darker purple dotty fabric but I really did not like sticks out like a sore thumb! So I took the dark purple blocks out and am continuing to play around with some other ideas.
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Ginger Patches said...

That's really cute. If that purple was just about 2 shades lighter...but yeah I like it better without.

Rhonda said...

I'm not sure about the darker color but I love this variation of the 9-patch. Great job!

Maya Madhavan said...

I agree about the dark purple. Love those polka dots!
I have been wanting to make a disappearing 9-patch but haven't found the fabrics with the punch yet. I have to go shopping again - sigh! ;)

Quirky said...

A silly question: when you test fabrics out, are you actually making those blocks, just cutting them out, or doing something clever that I can't figure out?