Monday, August 03, 2009

Design Wall Monday

I was experiencing machine quilting overload this week and was itching to do some piecing. So I indulged myself with some old pink and purple Fat Quarters I had collected a long time ago (and rediscovered when I was looking for some batting last week). Here are the 12 FQ's I started with.
And here are some of the blocks I have at the moment. I'm not sure if I am liking it, and have sadly come to the following conclusion...
I need to buy more fabric!!! 
Oh goal was to use up fabric not to buy more! Maybe the urge will pass?! I'll just keep sewing blocks and rearranging them and see what happens.


  1. Love the fabrics

    love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. it's warm today and those colors remind me of sorbet!

  3. Well, as you are using up fabrics, you have to replace them or there is an imbalance in your universe....I thought you knew that, Kathy!

  4. You could set them on point and use even MORE fabric as alternate blocks and setting triangles. Two birds, one stone!

  5. The blocks look great!
    :) I think we can use anything as an excuse to buy more fabric. The other day I had gone to my LQS to check on a class I was interested in; and decided I'd just buy something 'while I was there'. No rhyme or reason; just the fact that once inside, I was surrounded by bolts and bolts of fabric - all clamouring for attention!

  6. try throwing something else (from your stash of course- or mine) in there and see if you like it then!