Thursday, August 06, 2009

Best Press

When I was in Paducah in April I purchased a refill bottle of "Linen Water" by accident, thinking it was "Best Press". When I went to open the bottle I noticed that there was a creepy looking sludge in the bottom of the bottle! I contacted "Quilt in a Day" where I purchased the bottle and they said there was apparently a "bad batch" of that product. They sent me two new sludge-free bottles of the Best Press free of charge. Isn't that great?!?! Here is a photo of the yucky bottle on the left and my new replacement bottle on the right.  It does make me feel a little nervous about using this product, but I really like how it helps flatten the seams when I am piecing blocks, so I'll keep using it and make sure I wash the quilts as soon as they are finished to rinse this stuff out. 

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Toni said...

YIKES!! I think the linen water is process definitely than the Best Press, so I would think it will be fine. I might not use the Linen water again.

What great customer service!