Sunday, August 09, 2009

Annual blueberry report

Every year that I have been blogging I have written a midsummer blueberry post and today's the day! If you aren't going blueberry picking today and have lots of time to waste, click here for my 2007 report and click here for the 2008 report. 
I have been out to the farm a couple of times to pick berries in the last week and even though I haven't used up the blueberries in the freezer from last year, I am still picking more. 

Why? Because it's fun and you can never have too many blueberries! My family would tell you I am obsessed with blueberries. So I told them about the Quilting Pirate who even makes blueberry liqueur - read about it here
Here is my nephew Andrew who came picking for the first time this year. He liked it for about 3 minutes, and I'm pretty sure that most of the time was spent talking and eating blueberries, not picking them for the baskets! I haven't actually made anything with the blueberries yet, just sorted, cleaned and bagged some for the freezer.
Same thing with sewing... I haven't been sewing much between working night shifts this week, and picking blueberries (and sleeping) during the day. I have been preparing to make the Paper Panache mystery block and decided to challenge myself to paint all the fabrics for this block. I finally have all the colours ready that I need, but still have to paint a little more of the medium blue fabric. 

I can't wait until all the preparation is finished and I can get to the mystery block sewing, while I enjoy blueberry muffins with blueberry rhubarb jam!


May Kristin said...

You have been really good!
I'm not a big berry-picker, cause I don't like it too much. But I am lucky to have a FIL who loves to pick berries, and he always have some for me!
Look forward to see your mystery-block done!

Maya Madhavan said...

Kathy, when you paint fabric, what sized pieces do you work on? Fat eighths or larger?