Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quilt Auction

One of my favorite quilting events is the annual Mennonite Relief Sale and Quilt Auction.  I have attended this event for many years, sometimes having worked on a quilt being auctioned, and/or having donated a block to one of the group quilts. Last year I helped create a butterfly quilt - you can see it here, and this year I was excited to see the Black and White block challenge quilt auctioned (you can read more about it here).  Here is the quilt hanging on the rack waiting to be auctioned. Unfortunately they placed the quilt way down the list (quilt #179) and I had to leave the auction before it was sold, so I don't know what the sale price was. Does anyone out there in blogland know? I will call the organizer tomorrow and see if I can find out.
On the right is a photo of the quilt auction. New this year was a big screen which projected a large photo of each quilt being auctioned. There were less attendees at this year's auction for sure, and the highest selling quilt when I was there was the featured quilt (click here to see it) which was sold for $7000. 

Here are the 200+ quilts hanging and waiting to be auctioned. I will check the newspaper tomorrow to see how much money the quilts raised for world relief efforts.

I just talked to the challenge organizer and she said that the B & W quilt sold for $2,600!!  And the little wallhanging (9 blocks) that went with it sold for $500!


Quilt Rat said...

The Black and White quilt looks wonderful. $2600.00 wow! that's excellent. I had a chance to see the Post Card (feature) quilt up close and it was absolutely fabulous. Thanks for this terrific post.

Margeeth said...

$ 2600 that's really great. And $ 500 for a wallhanging is also quite impressive.
In the Netherlands, where I live, we can only dream about such figures. Not that people don't want to donate to charity, but they just don't want to do it buying quilts.

Libby said...


Jean said...

Wow that is great! I get to go to a quilt show Friday...I am excited.