Sunday, May 03, 2009

Poor self project started!

Okay I tried to work on a project from before Paducah (otherwise known as "BP"),  but I could barely remember what I was working on "BP"!!!
I was innocently putting my fabric purchases away and cleaning up my sewing area, and then a strange thing happened...
I started making another Wheel of Mystery quilt! I know, I have poor self control!  But seriously, who could resist opening up these cute little John Flynn pre-cut kits from Paducah?!? Not me!
I was so excited and took out all the little pieces and started to wonder why I had chosen a kit with such small pieces!
Still, it looked like fun. 
It wasn't!
I could not, for the life of me get the centre seams to match up. This is how most of the blocks are looking after unsewing and resewing each block 3 times. I have a "3 times and you're out" policy...after the 3rd time, however it turns out is final!
The other thing I did not like is that when you press these fabrics, there is a strong smell of smoke due to the lazer cut edges...not pleasant. I usually love pressing batik fabrics because of the smell of wax that most batiks have, which I enjoy. So this smokey smell took some getting used to.
Anyway, these blocks are painstaking...each block is taking me about 30 - 40 minutes to sew.
And the pressing of the seams is trickey too. Here is the back of one of the blocks. All seams are split pressed with a swirl in the centre.
I must say that I am delighted that my blocks are laying flat after pressing, because that is a lot of curved seams in a small area, and I was beginning to wonder if they would all turn out like little round cereal bowls with all the handling they have endured!
I will stick with it though because I am anxious to see how this thing will turn out.
Well, that is if I don't get distracted and start sewing something else in the mean time!


  1. Kathy -- what size are those blocks. The pictures look great even if you are snatching yourself bald in the process. Nah -- I know you aren't but the phrase popped in my head while reading about your efforts with these blocks. Keep us posted on how you are doing on these. B.

  2. I LOVE Wheel of Mystery quilts, especially in Batiks. Do you have a Curvemaster? They really do work and make piecing curves a breeze. Oh No not more shopping! :-)

  3. No one but you will ever look so closely at those seams . . . . it will be a beauty when you are done *s*

  4. It looks fine to me, once it is all finished you won't even notice that. Plus each one will get better with the practice. What size are they? Nice that they are precut, or that would be un-fun.

  5. The back of the block and the time spent to make a block would disqualify me, I fear I would become frustrated and quit, but kudos to you for your accomplishments on this. I have not stitched with batiks but have done some on the longarm for a customer who loves batiks.

  6. I have tried making Wheel of Mystery blocks a couple times. Like you, some turn out and some don't. I have had a couple people tell me how easy they are to make. I can't agree.
    I have never purchased a laser cut kit. Interesting that there would be an odor when you press.

  7. Ok Kathy, that's just scary....all those curves. You are a braver woman than I am......LOL

  8. Oh, I am looking forward to seeing this quilt! To have all those pieces precut would be a lifesaver! Those batiks are going to shine!!

  9. I'm sorry, that sounds terribly frustrating. When I have to match up tricky seams, as well as the 'stick a pin through the two junctions' trick, I sew 3 or 4 stitches just over the junction before sewing the entire seam. That way you can check if you matched, and only have to unpick 3 or 4 stitches if you didn't. If you did, then you sew the whole seam stitching right over the first 4 stitches.

  10. I've seen a trick where you sew as usual, but when you get to the tricky middle you switch to a long basting stitch and then check out the front. If it is OK you can sew again, but if not it is easier to to undo. You are a brave soul to attempt all those curves. It will be lovely when it is done though.

  11. What about putting a small circle in the centre ..... your seams won't matter and you will have a new look.

  12. Yuk, smoke-smell.
    The blocks look really promising, the quilt could be stunning.