Saturday, May 16, 2009

Permission to Play

Don't you just love starting a new project?!? I couldn't resist cutting into one of the kits I bought at Hancocks in Paducah. I opened up the kit called "Permission to Play: Kaleidoscope" to find that the fabrics in my kit were not really like the fabrics in the photo or the sample quilt I saw there.  I have mostly green fabrics, no dark blues at all, mostly light, yellowy greens and blues and a bit of medium green. I know that there is often a lot of colour variation in batiks, but I am sure this is not the "right" fabric. I guess that is the downside to buying don't always get the fabrics you think are are getting. 
The colours do remind me of spring with all the different greens that I would never ordinarily put together in a quilt, but it seems to work for Mother Nature!
So, I started cutting and sewing the blocks together, hoping for the best!  My first block was like a little bowl, so I started checking the angles after each seam and shaving off bits as I went along and it worked much better.  You wouldn't think that these tiny shavings would be so important, but they sure made a big difference in getting my blocks to lay flat!
And then, of course, I made the usual piecing errors and sewed a few pieces together that didn't go together. It's always a reminder to pay closer attention to what I am doing!
Here are my pieced blocks lined up for pressing...I thought they looked so cool lined up like that!
Anyway, I am enjoying sewing the blocks together and am already planning to make another Kaleidoscope - in miniature of course! 
The seam matching has been a challenge, but I am satisfied with the first few blocks, so I'll keep on going!
To view the quilt in it's proper colours and/or to download the free pattern - click here.


Susan said...

Great colors but you are right. They are not at all like the picture on the kit. I think I like them better though.

Quilt Rat said...

I hope you are not too disappointed with the colours, I think they are wonderful, very fresh and delicious.
Looking forward to seeing it all together

Mary Johnson said...

I finished a Kaleidoscope top a couple months ago -- having the GO Cutter to cut out the pieces was great. It was my first but probably not the last one I'll make.

Sorry you didn't get the fabrics you expected but the ones you got are pretty too.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Perfection! Those Kaleidoscope blocks are just incredible!

Jean said...

These fabrics are pretty, though too bad if not what you wanted. I plan on making one similiar to this soon, I have the fabric just need the time.

Rhonda said...

Those are great colors and you're doing a wonderful job, BTW. I'm partial to green in any shade.